The Feathr product team pushes out new features, improvements, and bug fixes several times per month.

Until now, most of the communication about those releases has happened one-to-one, from our Customer Success team to you, our customers. That has been great for keeping the personal touch that’s so important to us, but it has also led to inconsistency in that communication, that we'd like to fix.

Going forward, we’ll communicate Release Notes here to make everything about new features as clear as possible.

Here are the features and improvements that we've pushed so far in September.

✔ View detailed information about each Person in Feathr

Now you can click in to individual People from the Explore or Segment detail views. You’ll see information about that Person including attributes like Name, Email, Last Seen, etc., and a list of all Tags, Segments, and Campaigns they are associated with. You’ll also see a log of all tracked activity that they’ve performed.

✔ Customize the columns you see in Explore

Customize the columns that show in the Explore or Segment detail view. The default set that loads is Person, Email, First Seen, Last Seen, Country, Last IP, Platform, and Feathr ID – but you can now easily customize that list to include the particular data points you want to see.

✔ Conversion Paths: view each conversion’s full activity history (Da Vinci)

View the full path of activity for each conversion tracked in a campaign! This makes easy to understand the exact sequence of activities a person took to convert.

✔ Load the app faster

App performance is something that we’re continuously working on. There have been minor speed improvements made throughout the app. For example, the Partners page loads up to 10x faster than before. You’ll notice this especially if you have a lot of Partners in your account – a few hundred or more.

We’ve also released a handful of smaller improvements

  • Before, when you set filters that didn’t match any People in Explore, the app would sometimes return every Person in your account. That wasn't what was supposed to happen! :D We've fixed that and now you’ll properly see an empty grid for a set of filters that don’t match anyone.
  • You can now choose to receive just the kind of email notifications that you want from Feathr. To do so, click 'Settings' and then click 'Notifications'. Then select the kinds of email notifications you'd like to receive. Emails will be sent to the email address associated with your user profile.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented video creatives from properly showing on the Creatives tab in a campaign. They now display properly.

We hope these features and improvements make your usage of Feathr even better.

The features and improvements we add to Feathr are directly based upon your feedback. Thank you so much for giving that feedback to us. Keep it coming!

Technical notes: these Release Notes are related to versions 1.1.0 and 1.1.1.

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