The Feathr product team pushes out new features, improvements, and bug fixes several times per month.  

These are the improvements and fixes we've pushed between mid-December 2017 and January 5, 2018.

✔ Update: Visible URLs and custom data values when filtering!

Back by popular demand is the ability to see which URLs your Super Pixel is capturing when filtering and while we were there (and because you asked) we added the ability to see the values of the custom data your Super Pixel is capturing. No more guessing or looking up in your other databases what possible values you can filter on! 

Currently, the number of URLs that are displayed is the 250 most visited URLs. If the URL you want to segment on is not visible, as long as the Super Pixel is on that page, you can still use it by manually adding it to URL value bar.

This also includes a slightly updated look to filtering, now toggle between Activities and Attributes with the touch of a button instead of selecting the type from a dropdown. 

✔ Fix: Scrolling

The issue that caused scrolling to break has been fixed. This issue was caused when you clicked elsewhere on a page before the page had finished loading. Well, no more- click away! 

✔ Fix: 'Manage Custom Data' value display

The 'Manage Custom Data' tool has been fixed to display all of the custom data values you're capturing and not just the first 10. If you haven't checked out how you can manage your custom data yet, see this helpful article here

✔ Fix: Segment 'Total Change' 

Under the 'Daily Stats' of each of your saved Segments is the 'Total Change' this is difference of how many People have joined or left your Segment since the previous day. It now reflects the accurate change in size and not 0 in all cases (unless the change is actually zero, of course) 

✔ Fix: Tag based Segments size display

There was a bug that was preventing the Segment Size of Segments built using Tags, this primarily affected Segments based on People List imports, from displaying the size of the Segment. This has been fixed and Tag based Segments are displaying their size again.

All of the features and improvements we add and make to Feathr are based directly on the feedback of customers like you. 

If you have an idea for how we can improve a feature or an idea for a new feature you'd like to see, please let us know! You can email us at [email protected] or reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.

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