Last Updated 02/20/2019.

Before you can start running campaigns, you first need to add media budget to your Event. This will credit your account with that budget to spend on your future campaigns. 

Add a Media Package to your Event

1. Navigate to 'Events' in the lefthand sidebar.

2. Click into the event you'd like to add media budget to. This will open to your event's 'Overview' page. 

3. If your event has a Billing Contact configured, you'll see the Media Budget Utilization Tool. If your event doesn't have a billing contact, instead you'll see a button that will guide you to our Event Billing Settings page to configure a billing contact prior to adding budget. For more info on how to configure a Billing Contact, please read this article.

4. Click '+ Add Budget'

From within the Media Budget Utilization Tool you will see the: 

  • Event Name
  • Media Spend (the amount you've currently spent towards Ad Campaigns)
  • Current Media Budget (the current amount of purchased media budget)

5. Set the Billing Contact

The invoice for the amount set will be sent to this billing contact. Currently, only one billing contact can be included.

6. Add the Purchase Order Number (optional)

If your organization requires invoices to have POs, please include that PO information here. 

7. In the Media Budget value set the amount of budget you would like to add. The minimum budget setting is $1000 (USD). 

This amount is enough to serve around 200,000 ad impressions through your Ad Campaigns. Depending on the size of your Target Segments you may decide to add more now or later. 

8. Check the box to acknowledge you are authorized to add media budget. If you are not authorized, please speak to someone on your team that is to add media budget.

9. Click 'Submit' to credit the new media budget to your account. 

Now you can add your campaigns

Common Questions:

How much media budget should I add?
The amount of media budget you'll need will depend on how many people you need or want to Target and how many ad impressions you'd like to serve them. The minimum media budget setting is $1000 which roughly equals 200,000 ad impressions you'll be able to serve. 

Customers have found that most conversions happen after a person has seen 8-10 impressions for that campaign.

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