Last Updated: 10/2/18.

If you've added on another marketing seat (or seats) to your contract, you can then create it as a new Event in your account. We often see an Event seat created for "Membership", "Monetization", and of course any other upcoming events. We recommend creating separate Events in Feathr for events or marketing tactics, in order to keep campaigns organized and reporting consistent. Read below to learn how to create and set up a new Event in your Feathr account.

How to Create a New Event

  1. Navigate to the 'Events' section on the left side panel of Feathr.
  2. Click 'New Event' in the top right corner.

3. This will take you to a New Event Modal where you will need to fill out the event information.

  • Name your event. If it's an actual event, like a conference, use the name of the event. If this event is going to be used for monetization campaigns, for example, you can name it "Monetization."
  • Event location. If you're creating an actual event, use the city and state, or hotel or conference center that the event takes place in. A full address is not required. 
  • Start Date & End Date. Enter the start and end dates of your event. If you're using this event seat for monetization or membership campaigns year-round, then you can put today's date as the start date, and one year later as the end date.
  • Average Ticket Value. Use the average ticket value for your event. If there is no ticket value, you can use "0."

4. Click the 'Segments' section at the bottom when you're ready to proceed.

5. Here, you'll select your 'Full Segment', which should be all traffic to your main or event website. If you haven't created your full Segment yet, you can click the '+ Create Segment' button to build it. 

  • Remember, your Full Segment should contain all of your site traffic, so you'll most likely want to use "Audience Activity > URL > Starts with > Website" 

6. Next, select your Registered Segment. Again, if you haven't created this Segment yet, you can click the '+ Create Segment' button to the right, and build it there.

It's important to include these segments when creating your Event, because they are used to calculate Conversions, Segment Growth, and ROI when running reports.

7. Click 'Submit' when you're done. You'll then see the message below.

8. When you click 'Dismiss' you'll be taken to the new Event's Overview page, seen below.

You're almost done! There are a few more steps before you can get started marketing your new Event. 

9. Before you can launch campaigns, you'll need to Add Media Budget. This will credit your account with your budget to spend on future campaigns. Once you've selected your Media Budget, you'll see that amount on the Event Overview page. It will update the spend as you allocate budgets to your campaigns.

10. Lastly, you can click 'Edit Event' in the top right corner if you need to make any changes to your Event. You can also add an Event logo (optional). 

11. Here, you can see your Event Logo, Name, Location, Start and End Dates, Full and Registered Segments, Average Ticket Value, a Facebook Page, and Editable Partner Fields. If you make any changes, don't forget to click 'Save' at the bottom!

Common Questions

When will I be billed if I add Media Budget?
Typically, you'll be billed at the end of the month for the total Media Budget you selected. However, if you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager you can contact them if you'd prefer to be billed for only the budget spent on campaigns each month.

Why don't I have an "Add Event" button?
You may not have an Add Event button if you didn't pay for any additional seats in your contract. If not, don't worry! You can reach out to your Feathr Account Executive or your Customer Success Manager to add on more Events. We can get you set up right away.

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