Last Updated: 10/9/2018.

Ad Campaigns are used to target your Segments with ads, whether it is a Search Keyword Campaign, Lookalike Campaign, or Retargeting Campaign. Each campaign you run is unique, but there are some general best practices that should be followed across the board for all campaigns. 

1. Be specific and on message.
Why are you running this campaign? What do you want a targeted user to do?
Your prospects aren't telepathic; if you want them to perform a specific action go ahead and tell them! 

If you're measuring the success of a campaign based on how many prospects register after seeing an ad, but you don't tell them to register, don't be surprised if you have low conversion numbers. 

We recommend using clear, concise messages that directly tell the viewer an action to take. Some common Call To Actions (CTAs) include, "Learn More Here!," "Click Here!," "Register Now!," or "Download the Whitepaper!"

2. One size doesn't fit all. Different people need to see different messages.
If you are (and you should be!) targeting different segments, or groups of users, based on different Attributes and Activities, you should be serving them different messages and creatives based on the Attributes and the Activities they've performed. 

For example, you can show ads that say "We Miss You!" to previous attendees, to encourage them to come back and register for the show again. Or, show messages to those who haven't completed registration with ads that say "Don't Forget to Finish Your Purchase!" Using customized language, CTAs, and imagery for each segment your targeting will increase their engagement and ultimately increase conversions.

3. Serve enough ads to get noticed, but not too many that your prospects get tired of seeing them.
Best practices for Ad campaigns are to serve 17-20 impressions to each user a month in order for them to notice your ads, but not be oversaturated so they get burnt out from seeing the same banners over and over again. 

Luckily, we have the option to select and customize the exposure strategy and intensity for each campaign. This gives you the capability to select how many ads per user, per 8 hours, to show. You can select Light, Medium, or Heavy, or even customize how many ads to show per user, per campaign. 

Common Questions

How many campaigns should I run?
There's no magic number of campaigns to run--it will be different for each unique event.

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