Last Updated 10/8/2018.

You can easily edit any of your Ad Campaign settings or creatives by following the steps below: 

How to Edit Ad Campaigns

  1. Navigate to 'Events' in the left side panel.
  2. Click into the 'Ad' or 'Invite' tab, depending on the type of your campaign, under the Event you select.
  3. Click into the Campaign you'd like to edit.
  4. Click 'Edit Campaign' in the top righthand corner of the page.

This will take you to a page that looks like the Campaign Creation Wizard you used to create your Ad Campaign:

You can follow the wizard to find the setting you'd like to edit or you can click into the appropriate section at the top to navigate directly to make your changes. 

Click 'Save Changes' in the top righthand corner when you've finished making all of your changes. 

After making any changes to these settings make sure to 'Save Campaign' in the bottom right corner.


From the 'Info' tab you can edit the basic settings of your campaign:

  • Campaign name
  • Campaign Start and End Date
  • Destination URL 


From the 'Target' tab you can edit which Segments see or don't see your ads

  • Disable a Target Segment by clicking 'Options' in the righthand corner and unchecking 'Enabled'. By disabling a Target Segment that group of people will not be specifically targeted by ads, but they will not be excluded from seeing ads if they overlap with another Segment targeted by your campaign.
  • Edit existing Targets by selecting new Segments from the dropdown menu under 'Segment'.
  • Exclude or include existing Segments by clicking 'Options' and checking or unchecking 'Included'
  • Add new Target Segments by clicking 'Add Targeting' and inputting the desired Segment information.


Update existing Goals or add new ones from this tab to track conversions. 

Conversions are tracked and calculated after a person interacts with your campaign and then joins your Goal Segment for the first time.


From the 'Exposure' tab you can update the number of impressions you serve to your Target Segments and the budget for your campaign.


  • Disable creatives to stop them from being shown by changing their enabled status from the dropdown next to 'View'.
  • Add new creatives by clicking 'Add Creative' and either drag and drop your creatives into the file picker, or choose your files from your desktop. You can also use URL links that lead to your creatives.


Review your campaign changes and click 'Save Changes' in the top righthand corner to set your updated campaign live.

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