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Creating a Lookalike Segment is a great way to reach new, prospective attendees, exhibitors and/or sponsors who may not be aware of your event.

The following article will review how lookalike segments are built and walk you through how to create your own Lookalike Segment that's modeled after your existing Segment(s).

How Lookalike Segments are Built

Lookalike Segments are built from one of your Seed Segments, such as your full site segment. When the Lookalike Segment is enabled in a campaign, the common qualities of the users in the seed audience are identified (like demographic information, browsing history, or interests), and then your ads are shown to other users who have those same qualities (or "look like" them).

How to Create a Lookalike Segment

In order to target a Lookalike segment, you must first create a Lookalike campaign. 

1. Click the '+Create New Campaign' button and select 'Lookalike' as the targeting. (If you need a refresher on how to flight a campaign check out this article.) 

2. Lookalike Segments are created during the 'Target' phase of campaign creation. Click '+ Add Targeting'.

3. Select your Seed Segment from the dropdown menu. *Seed Segments must have a size of at least 30,000 users.

4. You're done! Add additional Target Segments or move on to finish setting up the rest of your campaign. 

Note: Lookalike Segments should be created as a segment before launching a campaign. 

Common Questions

Can the Seed Segment have fewer than 30,000 users?
No, Segments that have fewer than 30,000 unique users are too small to reliably build a lookalike model. To build a Lookalike Segment we compare the browsing behavior and demographics of the Seed Segment you select and Segments that are smaller than 30,000 users are too small to reliably say that what the users have in common is more than a coincidence. 

What type of Segments can I use as Seed Segments?
Seed Segments should be URL based as long as they have 30,000 users or more. 

When should I target Lookalike Segments?
You should target Lookalike Segments when you want to increase the exposure of your event by reaching new prospects who may not have visited your website before. We recommend targeting Lookalike Segments earlier in your event cycle, months before you start targeting your main audience of potential attendees as these are new prospects who will take a longer time to become familiar with your brand before they're ready to convert and register for your event.

Why does my Lookalike Campaign have so few conversions?
Lookalike campaigns by nature are targeting an audience that is less engaged with your offering. Because of this, the users that see and interact with the campaign are less likely to convert.
In the special circumstance where campaigns have an Goal that is the same as the destination URL of the creatives or if we are only counting users who "click on an ad", landing on the destination URL website may be the very first opportunity we have to cookie the user. If this is the case, we can't attribute their presence on the conversion page to the campaign.

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