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Search Retargeting is a great way locate new prospects that have identified themselves as interested in your event by searching for one or more of the relevant keywords or terms from your Keyword List. This article will walk you through how to upload that Keyword Term List to your Feathr campaign.

Don't have a Keyword Term List yet? Check out this article that takes you through the best practices of gathering the most relevant keyword for your campaign. If you already use another search retargeting tool, like Google AdWords, using that list is a great starting place, and you can add more words and phrases from there.

Guide to Uploading a Keyword List for Search Retargeting

Now that you've generated your Keyword Term List,  you're ready to add your List as a Search Audience to your Campaign to target.

Keyword Lists are uploaded to Feathr during the campaign creation process in the "Target" phase. If you are unsure of how to get to the Target phase, take a look at this How to Create an Ad Campaign article. 

How to upload your Keyword List

1. Click the '+Create New Campaign' button and select 'Search Keyword' as the targeting.

2. In the Target phase of launching your Ad Campaign, click 'Add Targeting.'

3. Click 'Browse' to select your Keyword Term List file. You can search for it in your computer files, drag and drop it in, or link to a URL where it's hosted.

4. You're done! Move on to finish setting up the rest of your campaign. 

Common Questions

How many keywords and/or terms should I include?
There is no right or wrong number of how many keywords you should include. We recommend being as specific as possible when building your term lists, remember; the internet is a vast place and over 3.5 billion searches take place every day; you want your audience to only include the most relevant searchers. 

How long does it take to collect Search Audience information?
After you upload your Keyword Term List it takes 2-4 days to collect the cookies of searches to give you a targetable audience.

How are keywords matched?
Keywords are matched to users who "phrase match". 

For example, if you include the keyword phrase "giant dog treats" in a spreadsheet, any user whose search includes the words "giant dog treats" exactly in that order with any other words before and/or after it would be added to the audience we collect.

E.g. "giant dog treats overnight", "super giant dog treats", and "super giant dog treats overnight" would all be included in the audience since they each include the phrase "giant dog treats" in that exact order you submitted.

However, "giant puppy dog treats" would not be included because the phrase "giant dog treats" is not written in the exact order in which the keyword phrase was submitted.

Why do I see a low amount of conversions for my Keyword Campaign?
In the special circumstance where campaigns have an Goal that is only counting users who "click on an ad", the ad click may be the very first opportunity we have to cookie the user. If this is the case, we can't attribute their presence on the conversion page to the campaign.

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