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Disclaimer: If you wish to target an Email, check out our article How to Target an Email List in an Ad Campaign. Only Feathr ID (formerly CRM) customers can import data they have on attendees and prospects to match with first and third party cookies and add another layer to their Feathr tracking using the steps below.

If you have Feathr ID (formerly CRM), follow the steps below to format your list to save time and make mapping the information quick and easy!

Guide to Formatting People Lists for upload to Feathr

  1. Start by collecting the data you want to upload in an excel sheet. (It can include more than emails!)
  2. Each column should have a header title that identifies the Attribute listed below. For a full list of Attributes available in Feathr, see the Glossary of Attributes and Activities. Any Attribute you include that does not have a direct match in Feathr (Industry sector or ticket type, for example) can still be included. In order to create a Custom Attribute, make sure you name the column header appropriately and consistently if you upload different files at different times. 

When you've finished your list should look something like the below: 

Once you've collected all of the data you wish to upload and formatted your list you're ready to import it to Feathr. 

Common Questions

Is there a limit to the number of Attributes I can upload?
Nope! You can import as many Attributes as are relevant for your tracking and targeting purposes. 

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