Last Updated 7/17/18.

If you use Circdata as your registration vendor, you will need a Circdata compliant tracking pixel in order to be able to track users as they reach the confirmation page of the registration process. The pixel is just a little different, but performs the same way! 

Follow these steps to create your Circdata compliant pixel:

  1.  Copy the pixel code below and paste it into a text file.
<script type="text/javascript">
(function(window, document, script_str, analytics_src, feathr_obj_name, feathr_func) {
    if (window.hasOwnProperty('feathr')) return;

    feathr_func = window.feathr = function() {
        feathr_func.invoke ? feathr_func.invoke.apply(feathr_func, arguments) : feathr_func.queue.push(arguments);
    feathr_func.queue = new Array();
    feathr_func.loaded = 1 * new Date();
    feathr_func.version = '1.0.0';
    window.FeathrBoomerang = feathr_func;

    var script_el = document.createElement(script_str),
        reference_el = document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0) || document.getElementsByTagName('script').item(0).parentNode;

    script_el.async = true;
    script_el.src = analytics_src;
})(window, document, 'script', '');

feathr('fly', 'FEATHR_ACCOUNT_ID');
feathr('sprinkle', 'page_view');

2. Replace FEATHR_ACCOUNT_ID  with your Feathr account ID. You can find your account ID by logging in to Feathr navigating to 'Super Pixel' in the left side panel. 

Copy your Feathr Account ID. It's the string made up of 24 numerals and characters after the "fly" script. Paste it in place of FEATHR_ACCOUNT_ID of your text file of the Circdata pixel.

3. Save the file and send it to your Circdata account manager. You should ask them to place it in a universal header or footer, so it appears on all registration pages.

4. Go enjoy a coffee because you're done! Once your Circdata account manager has informed you the pixel has been placed, contact your Feathr Customer Success Manager to confirm the pixel is tracking properly.

Common Questions 

Why does Circdata need a different pixel?
The only difference between the regular super pixel and the Circdata one are some brackets in the code. Circdata doesn't process the brackets the way our pixel is supposed to work, but using this formatted version works the correct way, so all of your data is successfully tracked.

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