Every technology vendor is different, but most will happily place the Feathr Super Pixel once they understand what it is. There is an ever growing number of technology vendors and Feathr is unable to know the exact requirements of each one; you should check directly with your vendor to find out if they accept 3rd party tracking and how to place it.

Email template to request placement of your Super Pixel


This year we're partnering with the marketing platform, Feathr, and need to place their tracking code. Feathr uses a javascript code to track browsing behavior and drop a cookie.

Are you able to assist me with implementing the attached code on THE FULL WEBSITE/THESE SPECIFIC PAGES? 


**Always attach the Feathr Super Pixel in a plain text word document when sending via email to prevent unintentional changes email clients will make to the code.

Best Practices to Avoid Common Mistakes

When the registration process URL doesn't change
You can use custom data tracking through Feathr ID (formerly CRM) to identify each step of the process OR place the Super Pixel only on the final registration confirmation page to allow for conversion tracking.

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