Last updated: 5/28/18

Conversions, in the simplest terms, are the number of times the Campaign Goal has been performed after an ad was seen--whether it was a page viewed, registration completed, or brochure downloaded. It all depends on what was set as your Campaign's Goal Segment. Conversions are also one of the ways we measure the success of a campaign, by using the the number of Conversions to calculate your Cost per Acquisition and ROI.

How to View Your Conversions in a Campaign

To view all of your conversions for a specific campaign, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on "Events" in the left side panel.
  2. Find the event that your campaign is running under.
  3. Choose the tab where your campaign falls under. This is either "Retargeting", "Invite" or "Monetization".
  4. Once you find your campaign in the list, click it to access the Campaign Details page.
  5. Scroll down to find the Performance tab to view your Conversion related data.

Conversion Table

This view shows you a list of all conversions under this campaign, and some relevant data for each conversion.

  • Date - The date this conversion happened.
  • Person - The name of the person that converted. If we don't know the name, we will show "Anonymous" instead. Click the name to go to their Person Details page.
  • Conversion Segment - This shows you which conversion segment the person became a member of, causing them to be marked as a conversion.
  • Activity - This will help you understand the activity this person had leading up to their conversion. If you hover your mouse over each box, it will tell you more about that individual activity. Each color of the activity box represents a certain action the user took.

Conversions By Creative

This view helps you understand which creatives are performing the best in your campaign.

Conversions By Partner (Invite Campaigns Only)

This view helps you understand which Partner is contributing the most conversions to this Invite Campaign.

This view explains how many of your conversions have been attributed to people who are in each of your targeted segments.

Conversions By Country

This view gives you a breakdown of conversions by country. The darker the green, the more conversions this country has.

Conversions By Goal Segment

If your campaign has multiple Conversion Goals, this view will help you understand which Goals your audience is completing the most.

Conversions By Domain

How to See a User's Path To Conversion

  1. Click on "Events" in the left side panel.
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab under your selected Event.
  3. Click the down arrow next to Display. Find your Campaign and click into it. 
  4. Once you're looking at your Campaign, scroll down and click the "Performance" tab.
  5. Scroll down to see your Conversions Table (you may need to wait for it to load).
  6. Click on one of the Details button to the right of a Conversion to see their Path to Conversion. This will show you their interactions from their first visit to your site, all the way until they became part of the Campaign Goal Segment. It shows you the date and time a site was visited, ad seen, link clicked, or conversion detected. Note: This is shown from most recent to oldest activity.

Common Questions

What determines when a conversion is counted?
Your Goal Segment for a campaign determines when a Conversion is counted. Conversions are counted after a user interacts with marketing collateral distributed the campaign and then performs the Campaign Goal. The Goal doesn't necessarily have to be completing registration, but an action a user took to join the Goal Segment, like a click, or download. We currently process conversions once every two hours, so the exact recorded time of the conversion may differ from the activity or event that resulted in a person being counted as a conversion for the campaign.

Why aren't clicks equal to conversions?
If you are running a campaign where your Campaign Goal is a user visiting your event website home page, and the Destination URL for that campaign is set as the homepage (common for Keyword Search and Lookalike Campaigns) you may see that clicks and conversions are not equal. There are a few reasons why Clicks rarely equal Conversions:

  1. When there are more Clicks than Conversions: When a user clicks on a creative and lands on the Destination URL for the first time, they are tracked as a Conversion. It's possible that the same user can click on a campaign creative several times after visiting the homepage, but they're only considered a Conversion when they first join the segment. For this reason, it's important to exclude your Goal Segment from the campaign to prevent converted users from seeing ads after joining the Goal Segment.
  2. When there are more Conversions than Clicks: Feathr tracks Click-Through and View-Through Conversions. It's possible that a targeted user may see ads, but instead of clicking directly on the ad, they organically make their way to your website later, landing on the homepage and get counted as a Conversion at that time. In fact, most Conversions are View-Throughs, because people don't typically like to click on ads.
  3. When the Target Segment is based on Email or Search Keyword Data: Email and Keyword segments are groups of 3rd party cookies, (users who we've tracked through their search history or email address, but haven't visited your site yet) therefore they don't have a cookie from the Super Pixel yet. When someone from a 3rd party segment converts after seeing an ad, either by clicking or visiting the website organically, they are then given a 1st party Feathr cookie ID. It is more difficult for us to determine that a 3rd party cookie is the same 1st party cookie user, because there isn't much information available to match them with each other to reconcile the data. While we're always working to improve our conversion tracking, conversion tracking of 3rd party data target based campaigns is not as accurate as 1st party cookie targeted campaigns. 
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