You've launched a campaign, and now you want to see it in action! But often times, you won't actually see your ads across the web as the campaign runs. Why is that? 

How retargeting works

Once someone visits your site and becomes part of the segment you're targeting in a campaign, they should start seeing your ads. However, the Feathr algorithm for ad bidding, placement, and fulfillment is almost impossible to predict; meaning, there's no guarantee that the next web page you visit will show you your ad. 

When a user from the targeted segment in your campaign is identified on the web, a "bid request" is triggered. The request goes from the site publisher to one of many ad exchanges, which submit it to multiple advertisers who automatically submit bids in real-time to place their ads.  Various advertisers bid on each impression as they are served. The impression goes to the highest bidder and their ad is served on the page, usually happening within milliseconds. So, it's quite a complicated, fast-moving process that's all done through our automated algorithm. 

Additionally, we are partnered with over 85 different ad exchanges, so there are a ton of options for where your ads can be shown. Don't worry, if you're not seeing it, someone else in your targeted segment is! 

Other influencing factors

Unfortunately, unless you are also browsing around the internet all day, there is a chance you won't actually see your ads. Most of us are on our computers during the day at work, but usually aren't on our favorite gossip sites where lots of ad space is available (or at least, we shouldn't be!). We are typically stuck in emails, meetings, Word documents, or looking at our calendars to set up our next meetings. And these just aren't places where you'll see your ads.

So, unless you are going home and going onto your event site from your work computer and then doing some browsing, chances are you won't see your terrific ads.

However, not all hope is lost. Some of the most common places we see ads are on local news and weather sites. Try visiting your tracked website and then going to or you local news channel--it's more likely you'll see your ads there! 

In-app reporting

There are a few options within the app to see where and when your ads are being seen. You can view the Live Report of any of your campaigns by using the drop down button next to your Campaign Details button. Click "Live Report" and get the link. 

The map on this page shows you where your ads are being seen and clicked on, along with the sites they're being viewed on. 

Additionally, you can run an event report, and see the top 10 domains for each campaign. This shows you the ten most popular sites your ads are showing on. Remember, the ads are only appearing on the pages your targeted users are visiting! 

Common Questions

Where are the best places to see my ads? 

While there is no guarantee you'll see your ad on any given website, we've found that local news and weather sites tend to be great website to see ads on. Try visiting your tracked event site, and then heading over to your local news channel's website. You might see your ad there!

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