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Partner Campaigns
are campaigns that you run on behalf of a Partner. They allow you to display a partner's involvement in your event. Campaigns offer the ability to track the users who see your ads and reports on total impressions, clicks, and conversions. To launch a Partner Campaign, see this article

Partner Campaign Reports are unique to each campaign and have live reporting. You can share the links to the live reports to your Partners, so that your Partners are able to see where in the world and on what sites their ads are being shown.

A Partner Campaign Report looks something like this:

Each campaign will have a unique, permanent link to the live report that the Partner can access whenever they want.

How To Create a Live Partner Campaign Report

1. Find and select the Event that your Partner is associated with. 

2. Click the 'Monetization' tab at the top of the page and find the campaign that you want to generate a report for. 

3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the 'Details' button and select 'Live Report'

4. A popup will appear with the link for your Live Report. Copy the link to your clipboard and share with the Partner. 

Note: Your Partners can check back in using the link at any time to see how their campaign is progressing.

Common Questions

How long does the Live Report link last?
The link is permanent, so you only have to share it with your Partner once, and they can save it to check in on periodically. 

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