Sponsored Retargeting is an easy way for you to monetize your digital audience by selling retargeting packages to your partners, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Your sponsors are already paying you big money to get in front of your audience during your event, but your audience doesn’t disappear after the event - and your Partners, Sponsors, and Exhibitors don’t stop needing to advertise to them.

Sponsored Retargeting allows you to offer year-round access to your segments digitally via retargeting.

Sponsored Retargeting can be sold as impression packages; e.g., you sell a package of 50,000 total ad impressions to your partner that will be delivered in the 4 weeks leading up to the event.

Packages can also be sold as post-event exposure (it was great seeing you at The Event! Here’s a coupon), or year-round impressions that aren’t associated with the event at all. Your Partners still want exposure and sell products year-round, so why not offer that to them through Feathr? 

Here's an article on how to create Sponsored Retargeting Packages.

Traffic on an event website drops dramatically after the event ends, but Sponsored Retargeting campaigns put your Partners, Exhibitors, and/or Sponsors in front of your tracked segments whenever they're online--not just when they are on your event site. 

All your partners have to do is give you the creatives they want to be shown and the rest is as easy as launching a Partner Campaign

It's a win-win! You increase revenue by monetizing your audience and your partners, exhibitors, and sponsors extend their reach and increase the size of their own audiences without having to do hardly anything at all.

Common Questions

How can I take advantage of Sponsored Retargeting? Do I have to pay for it?
Sponsored Retargeting is available to any Feathr customer, however, you do have to purchase a Monetization seat to utilize it. Reach out to your Feathr Customer Success Manager or your Feathr Account Executive to learn more about this option.

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