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The Message Partners tool can be used to send an email blast to your Partners. Generally, you would do this for one of the following reasons:

  • Send Partners links to their unique Partner Dashboard where they can access their Invite Material and self-supply details about themselves like their logo or a description.
  • Update Partners on the progress/engagement/statistics of their Invite Pages, Email Invites,or Banners after they are already promoting them.
  • Encourage Partners to more actively share and promote their Invite material.
  • Boost the value partners receive from being part of your event by giving them access to real-time reporting on the progress of their Invite material or sponsored Partner Campaigns.

Step-by-Step Guide to Messaging Partners

1. Message Partners

  • Login to Feathr and select "Message Partners" from the left side panel.

2. Which Event?

  • Name your message and select the Event from the Event dropdown that your partners' are associated with. 

3. Who Do You Want To Message?

  • Choose the Partners that you want to message. Select a group of Partners by selecting the tag name associated with their import using the Partner Tag dropdown. You can also select individual partners by finding them under the Partners dropdown.

4. What Do You Want To Say?

  • Type the email address of whichever person at your company you want the message to come from. This should be a real email address, as any responses from the recipients will be sent here. 
  • Type the From Name. This is the "Friendly" component of the email sender. Shows as the name in email inboxes. Use either your personal name or a recognizable company name. 
  • Create a subject for your message: something simple with the name of the event. We recommend highlighting the materials inside the email.
  • The body of the message is a template that you can use as is, but we recommend customizing it with your logo and images, and additional information. Feel free to write whatever suits your needs. If you wantto include custom variables, be sure to select the Merge Tags dropdown in a text box, so their unique data populates correctly. The potential variables are available below.

Note: Templates can be modified to include any information you wish. 

5. When Do You Want To Send It?

You have the ability to choose when you want your message to be sent to your Partners. Messages can go out immediately or scheduled for later.

6. Don't forget to Publish

  • If you are happy with the results, you can click "Publish" in the top right corner and your recipients will now receive your email! 

Tip: We recommend creating a test Partner and including your own email in the Partner Contact section. Then you can send yourself a test message through the Message Partners tool so you can see the final results, before sending to the rest of your Partners.

Common Questions

How do I know if my Partners have opened this message?
The best way to check is to view the Invite page statistics for a specific Partner. If a Partner's Invite Page has zero impressions, you can be sure they haven't even clicked through to see it themselves.

What should my message say?
When composing your Partner message, Feathr provides a basic template message that you can edit as you see fit. Depending on what you are messaging your Partner about, the content can highlight a few different things. However, a general best practice is to convey the value of the information you are sending, whether it be a link to their Invite Page that they should share, or their Partner dashboard.

The Partner Dashboard is important because it gives them the ability to upload their information, which will customize their Invite Page, Evite, and Banners with that content.

The Invite Page is a valuable opportunity to promote themselves in relationship to your event and ultimately get more people to come to the event and engage with them there. 

Email Invites allows them to send an invitation to your event directly to their audience. 

Invite Banners directs their audience to any page where you want people to engage with your content.

What are Inactive vs. Active Partners?
Active Partners are those who have had five or more interactions on their Invite material. We assume this means they're sharing their content, and don't need as much encouragement as an Inactive Partner might. That being said, Inactive Partners are those who have had less than five interactions.

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