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Partner Campaigns
allow you to monetize your existing segments by selling ad impression campaigns to your Partners, Exhibitors, Speakers, or Sponsors, targeting the segments you've already created and are tracking in Feathr. Partner Campaigns offer the ability to track the users who see your ads and reports on total impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Getting Started

First, you need to have a Partner in order to launch a Partner Campaign. If you have previously uploaded a list Partners, you're ready to start. If you haven't uploaded or created a Partner, see the instructions on creating a Partner here: How to Create or Edit a Partner.

  1. Navigate to 'Events' section found on the left sidebar pane and click on the Event that your Partner is associated with.
  2. Click the 'Monetization' tab.
  3. Add a new Display Campaign by selecting '+ New Display Campaign'. This will open up the Campaign Wizard where you can start creating your campaign.

5. In the 'Info' section, fill in your campaign's basic information.

  • Give your Partner Campaign a Name. We recommend relating it to the audience you are targeting (e.g. Attendee Web - Early Bird Reg.).
  • The Event Name will already be populated in for you.
  • Choose the Partner the campaign is associated with.
  • Select the Campaign Start and End Dates.
  • The Destination URL is where the user is taken when they click on an ad.
  • Click on the 'Target' button when you're ready to move on to the next step.

6. In the 'Target' section, select the audience who you would like to show your Partner's ads.

  • Click '+Add Target'.
  • Name the Segment you want to target or exclude.
  • Select the kind of Segment it is:
  1. Custom Segment (default): This will make available a dropdown menu called 'Segment' where you can select from all of the Segments you've previously created. 
  2. Lookalike: This will make available a dropdown menu called 'Seed Segment' where you can select the Segment you want to model a Lookalike after. *Note: The Seed Segment of a Lookalike must contain at least 30,000 users in order to be able to build a lookalike model.
  3. Search Keyword: This will make available a menu called 'Search Keywords File'. Click 'Browse' to find your Search Keyword List among the files on your computer. See this guide for more information on how to generate and format your keyword list.

7. Next step is the Goal. Partner campaigns typically do not have Goals set, because the Super Pixel probably isn't placed on the Partner's website, so there isn't a way to track conversions. Additionally, Partner campaigns are usually impression based, so they're focused on greater exposure for the Partner, rather than conversions. You can skip the Goal step and move on to Exposure.

8. In the 'Exposure' section, you will set up how you would like your Partner's campaign to run.

  • Select the Target Type for your campaign. Budget will serve as many impressions as possible without going over the Target Value. Impressions will serve that many impressions within your campaign's start and end dates.
  • Add the Target Value of your campaign. If you chose Budget as your Target Type the value will be in dollars. If you chose Impressions as your Target Type the value will be the number of impressions you wish to serve. Partner Campaigns are most commonly sold as Target Type Impressions so set the Target Value as the total number of impressions sold for this campaign. However, if you've sold or gifted as a prize to your Partner a sponsorship of a dollar amount worth of impressions set that dollar amount as Target Type Budget and the Target Value the value sold or won.
  • Select your Base Bid. Your Base Bid sets the target amount Feathr will bid to serve ads to your prospects. You have the option to choose either $3, $5, or $10. Bids are based on cost per thousand impressions served. 
  • Select your Max Bid. Your Max Bid sets the maximum amount Feathr will bid to serve ads to your prospects. You have the option to choose either $10 or $20.  Bids are based on cost per thousand impressions served.
  •  Light Exposure Intensity is most common for Partner Campaigns; this will show 1-4 ads to an individual user over 8 hours which will free up impressions to be shown to more users rather than a larger number of impressions to a smaller group. However, your Partner may request a different Exposure Intensity. 
  • Exposure Strategy dictates how the campaign budget will be spent over the life of the campaign. Most Partner Campaigns are set as Flat Exposure Strategy which spends the budget evenly and shows an equal number of impressions each day.
  • The last step is adding the creatives. These are most likely provided to you by your Partner. Add a creative by clicking Add Creative. Click here for a list of supported creative ad sizes.
  • Choose or drag your creatives in the file picker and click Upload.
  • You can adjust the Destination URL on one or more of the creatives if necessary. This may be the case if, for example, you have more tracking parameters to fulfill.
  • Click Review when done.
  • Review your campaign and click Finish if there are no changes needed, or go back and make the appropriate adjustments.
  • And that's it! In less than 48 hours, impressions, clicks, and conversions will start to roll in as people see your campaign.
  • You can return to the 'Monetization' tab to see the status of your Partner's campaigns any time.

Common Questions

Can my Partner see this information?
Your Partner does not have access to your Feathr account, so while they cannot see this exact information or screen you can send them a Live Partner Report so they can stay up-to-date on their campaign's progress.

Why has my Partner Campaign gone over the impression target?
We want to ensure that both you and your Partners receive the best value and sometimes that means a campaign will go over the impression target set because we're trying to make sure the campaign doesn't end under the target value. We're not perfect, but we're improving everyday to make sure both you and your Partners are satisfied.

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