Last Updated 7/17/18.

By placing the Feathr Super Pixel on your SquareSpace site, you can build segments of your site visitors based on the URL(s) they visited. This allows you to customize your messaging if someone visited a particular product page, for example. You could then retarget the visitors of that page with creatives that give helpful information about the product, or urging them to make a purchase! 

  1. In your SquareSpace account, open the menu and select Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.

2. Log into your Feathr account, and navigate to the Super Pixel section on the left side panel to find your pixel.

3. Copy your entire Super Pixel.

4. Navigate back to your SquareSpace settings. Paste your Super Pixel into the 'Footer' section of the SquareSpace code injection. By pasting your Super Pixel in the footer, it will automatically be added to every page on your site.

5. Make sure to select 'Save' on SquareSpace to commit your change.

Done! Now you can start building segments based on the URLS your SquareSpace visitors landed on. 

Common Questions

Can I track SquareSpace purchases using the Feathr Super Pixel?

Yes! You can add a custom data snippet in addition to your Super Pixel to track purchases made through your SquareSpace site, so that they pull through into Feathr. Please reference this article: How to Track SquareSpace Purchases

Why should I add the Super Pixel to my SquareSpace account? 

You should add the Feathr Super Pixel to any sites you'd want to capture data about your visitors. You can build segments in Feathr based on the different URLs your visitors have landed on, and use those to retarget them with personalized messaging. Additionally, by using the custom data snippet on SquareSpace, you can identify your visitors by email address, track their purchases, and map that information back into Feathr. The more data you have on someone, the more personalized and precise your messaging can be! 

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