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The Super Pixel is Feathr's proprietary tracking code that tracks your site visitors, so you can build Segments based on their behavior and activity, and ultimately retarget them. For more information on creating segments, check out How to Create New Segments

Every website is different; you should check directly with your vendor to find out if they accept 3rd party tracking codes and how to place it. 

The below article outlines the basic steps to copy and place your Super Pixel.

How to locate and place your Super Super Pixel

1. Login to Feathr and select 'Super Pixel' from the left side panel.

2. You will see a snippet of code: This is your unique Super Pixel! It never changes so you can use this same pixel to track your audiences across all of your events.

3. Place the Super Pixel

  • Copy and paste the snippet of code on all pages of your site you wish to track
  • The most dependable place to put the code is in the footer at the end of all pages, right before the closing </body> tag.
  • If your site employs a Universal Header or Footer it is recommended to paste the code in that section to allow for automatic inclusion of all pages.
  • Make sure that no other Javascript code overrides the window.onload without preserving and executing the previous one (as exemplified by our tracking code). If that happens then our code may fail to execute even if it is placed on page(s).
  • Once the code is in place, if everything is set up correctly, the Super Pixel Status should turn active within 1 to 24 hours, depending on your site traffic.

*Important note: Changes made to your website may result in the removal of the Super Pixel and interruption of audience tracking which can hinder the progress of campaigns. If any changes are made to your website please check with your web team to ensure the pixel was not removed or altered and then follow up with [email protected] or your dedicated Customer Success Manager to confirm.  The same is true of any changes made to the registration pages.

Common Questions

Which pages should I put the Super Pixel on?

You should put the Super Pixel on any (and every) page of your website that you would like us to track audiences on.

We recommend putting the pixel on any pages related to your event and any digital publications you own whose site visitors might be interested in your event.

It is also important to place the tracking pixel on the event registration confirmation page so that we can accurately track conversions. You may need to contact your registration vendor to have them place it. Please see our list of Registration Vendors to see if there are any notes on your particular vendor.

Should I use the same Super Pixel for all my events?

Yes! You segment your users based on URLs, so there's no need to have a different Super Pixel for each of your events. Because we're able to differentiate between them in the app, you get the separate tracking you need and want, plus, you can target the segments you've already built for one event across multiple events for cross-promotion.

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