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Event Reports
contain comprehensive information about the lifecycle and performance of your Event in Feathr. You can generate a report whenever you like, for any time period, and export the Report as an image or spreadsheet to share with other stakeholders.

How to Create a Report

  1. Navigate to 'Events' in the left side panel.
  2. Choose the Event you wish to make a report for. This brings you to the Event Overview page.
  3. At the top of the page, select the 'Reports' tab.

 4. This brings you to the Report workspace, where you can see any past reports and generate new ones.

5. Select '+ New Report' to initiate a report.
6. Optionally, include a date range with your Report. If you leave it blank, it will perform an all time report that starts on the first day that activity occurred on the event.

Note: if you choose a date range that does not include any event activity, you will receive an error.

7. Enter a Description that is meaningful to you so you can differentiate reports in the list.
8. Click 'Generate Report' to being building the report.
9. A popup in the bottom left corner will appear and say "Successfully initiated report." 

How to Access and Share Your Report

Once you've generated your report, it can take up to 15 minutes to process, depending on the number of campaigns and/or landing pages associated with the event. 

A processing Report will appear with a right-indent, as shown by the arrow in the image below.

Note: If you attempt to access the report before processing is complete, you will receive an error.

There are 3 ways to access the report:

  1. Click on the Title of the report or the 'View Report' button to see the report as a webpage. This permanent link can be distributed to stakeholders.
  2. Or, in the View Report dropdown menu, click 'Export PNG' to generate a PNG file of the webpage for easy distribution as an attachment.
  3. Finally, click 'Export Spreadsheet' to generate a sheet of raw numbers pertaining to the report. The campaigns are separated by tabs in the spreadsheet report.

Common Questions:

What types of information does this report show?
This comprehensive report shows you general high-level information, like ROI, Cost per Acquisition, impressions, and total conversions. But it also shows you details per campaign, like user activity by time of day, and impression break down by platform, creative, and domain. Essentially you should be able to get all the details you need to fully analyze the success of your campaign.

How do I read and digest this report?
Check out this detailed article on how to read and understand the data that your report has generated: How to Read a Feathr Generated Report

Why is my report not processing?
To make sure your report properly processes, make sure that your Event is set up correctly, with a Full Site Segment and a Conversion Segment. To do so, click the "Edit Event" button in the top right corner of Reports.

Then, check to make sure all fields are filled out. If you don't have your Full Segment and your Registered Segment properly saved, the report will not be able to pull in that data, and therefore won't run. The start and end date are also required for the report to run.

Once you've updated those fields and click save, try running a new report. It can take up to 15 minutes for the report to generate, but if it takes any longer than that, reach out to [email protected] to troubleshoot further. 

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