If you run multiple events in Feathr your account might start to look a little overwhelming making it difficult to quickly find what you're looking for. In order to help you find what you need faster you can organize your events and segments into related folders. 

Organizing Events

Before putting your events into Folders take a moment to decide how you want to organize them. You can group them together by industry sector, group portfolio, by event or even by year- it's up to you! The important thing is to be you consistent.

To organize your Events into Folders login to Feathr and navigate to 'Events' in the sidebar. 

Locate the event you'd like to move into a folder and click the three dots in the bottom righthand corner.

Select 'Change Folder'.

Name the Folder you'd like to move your event into.  You can nest folders so you could have something that looks like Home/Fashion Shows/2016 or Home/Fashion Shows/Dress Shows.

Save your Folder location.
You're done! The next time you click into 'Events' you'll see your folder there.

Organizing Segments

To organize your Segments into folders to quickly locate related groups navigate to 'Segments' in the sidebar.

Locate the Segment by scrolling or use the search tool at the top of the page.

Once you locate your Segment click the dropdown arrow next to 'Edit' on the righthand side of the page.

Click 'Change Folder'.

Name the Folder you'd like to move your event into. All locations must start with 'Home/' this is the default folder for all Segments.

 'Move' and you're done! 

You can repeat this process for the other Segments you'd like to move into folders.

You can also add new Segments into folders when creating them. How to Create a New Segment. 

Organizing Templates

To organize your Templates into folder navigate to the 'Templates' section in the sidebar. 

Locate your template and then click the three dots in the bottom righthand corner and the select 'Change Folder'.

Name the Folder you'd like to move your event into and then hit 'Move'. You're done!

Common Questions

Can I move my data to a new folder or remove it from a folder?
Yes! You can move your event into a new folder or back to the default Home folder by following the same steps as above and renaming the folder to the new location or deleting the folder name and saving.

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