You'll often hear us at Feathr refer to 1st party and 3rd party data and you may have wondered "what's the difference?" Great question! The difference is in the where the data originated; read on for more information!

1st Party Data
1st party data is your data. It's the information we're tracking firsthand via the Feathr Super Pixel. 

3rd Party Data
3rd party data is information collected from an outside source. For example, when email lists are uploaded and no email can be matched to a user through Feathr 1st party data, that email list is matched with 3rd party cookies that have been collected from outside websites and apps where that email address was used. 

Common Questions

Are 1st and 3rd party data used differently in Feathr?
Not really. 1st and 3rd party data can both be targeted by Ad Campaigns, but only 1st party data based Segments can be used as Campaign Goals.

Why can Campaign Goals only be 1st party data?
Campaign Objects are fulfilled when a user joins a new Segment by performing a specific activity. 3rd party data based segments are pre-existing groups of cookies which have been found so a new user can't join a 3rd party data audience. 

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