Last updated: 7/23/18

Before connecting your Facebook Page with your Feathr Event you need to authenticate your Facebook account in Feathr. Follow the steps in this article to integrate your Feathr account with your Facebook account.

Associating Your Facebook Page with Your Feathr Event

1. Log into Feathr and click on the 'Events' tab in the left side panel.

2. Click 'Details' under the Event you'd like to promote and then click the 'Edit Event' button in the top righthand corner. 

3. The right-hand column of the Edit Event modal includes a 'Facebook Page' option. Select the Facebook Page you would like to associate with this event. If you only have permissions for one Facebook event, it will automatically be selected.

4. Click 'Save' and now you're ready to launch a Facebook campaign for this event! 

Common Questions

Why don't I see any Facebook Pages in the dropdown?
If you don't see any Facebook Pages in the dropdown you may not be an admin for that page. Please check to make sure your Facebook ad account and pages are organized to have all relevant permissions. You can read this article on How to Organize Facebook Ad Accounts to Integrate with Feathr

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