Last Updated: 7/10/18

You can upload the Partners that are participating in your event to Feathr to associate them with Invite Campaigns or flight Monetization Campaigns on their behalf. Read below to format, upload and use your data.

Format your list

Before you upload your Partner List to Feathr, you will need to organize it. Please see this article to confirm your list is properly formatted.

Importing Data 

To import your Partner data file, navigate to you Event. Select the 'Partners' tab at the top of the page, then select 'Import Partners'

  1. Name the Import

The name you give your import will be used to create a unique tag to identify the group of users in this upload. You can search for this tag when creating a Segment to easily target these people. 

2. Select the Event
Your Event should populate automatically, however you do have the option to choose an Event from the dropdown menu. Partners live under the Event they are associated with for easier filtering and organization.   

3. Tags (Optional)
Add an additional tag to identify the people in this import with a broader group, like which Invite Campaign they're associated with. 

4. Select your File
Select your data file from your computer before moving on to the next step. Remember, the file must be in either .xlsx, utf8-encoded, or .csv format. 

6. Map Your Data
Map the column headers of your file to the information they should be associated with in Feathr. This step ensures your partners' information displays properly on their Invite materials.

5. Review
Review your imported data and confirm that all tags have been added, and you've selected the correct file.

6. Finish
Click 'Finish' to complete the Partner Import. You should see a popup modal to confirm your data was imported. You will receive an email notification when your Partner data has finished processing.

Once you've received confirmation that your Partner List has finished processing you can now include them in a Invite Campaign

Common Questions

Where can I find my Partners?
Your Partners can now be found under the Event you associated them with, under the Partners tab. 

I just imported a Partner List, but I don't see my Partners. Where are they?
After Partners are imported they take a few minutes to process to make sure they display properly in the app. Depending on how many partners you've just imported it could take up to 30 minutes. You should receive an email letting you know when they've finished processing. If more than 30 minutes have passed and you still don't see your Partners, please contact [email protected]

What if I chose the wrong event when importing my Partner List?!
We understand that accidents happen, email [email protected] and let us know the details: what did you name the import? What event did you associate it with and which event it should be associated with so we can move them over. 

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