Last updated: 7/24/2018.

The Super Pixel tracks Activities and Attributes associated with users visiting your site. You can use those Attributes and Activities to filter and create Segments, which can be used to target prospects with Ad Campaigns, track conversions by creating and setting Goal Segments, or to monitor the behavior of your web visitors. 

Creating a New Segment

1. To Create a New Segment, navigate to the 'Explore' section found on the left navigation pane.

2. Select '+ Change Filters'.

3. Set the duration of the segment. Your new segment will update its statistics each day until the date indicated here (1). To change it, click on the date and choose from the options that appear below it (2). To choose a custom date, click the 'Custom' button (3) and use the date picker (4) to choose any date in the future.

4. Select the Filter Mode. You can choose between 'All' and 'Any'

  • All will require that all Attribute and Activity Filters set must be true in order for a user to be included in the created Segment.
  • Any includes users in the created Segment that match at least one set Attribute or Activity Filter.

5. Select the Lookback Mode for the Segment. Segments allow you to control how far back to look in your users' Activity history to determine if they should be included in a segment. You can choose to consider activity that occurred within some number of days before now, or starting from a given date. Click the button to toggle between these two options.

6. Select the Lookback Window for the Segment. Setting the window works differently depending on the previously selected lookback mode.

  • Within: Click the "the last X days" button (1) to reveal a set of options (2). Choose from the preset numbers of days, or click the 'Number of day(s)' button (3) to reveal an input (4) you can use to choose any number of days.
  • Starting From: Click the date button (1) to a reveal a set of options (2). Choose one of the preset dates, or click the 'Custom' button (3) to reveal a date picker (4) you can use to choose any date.

7. Add Filters. This is the most important step. Select the Attribute and Activities that will determine which users will be included in the Segment you create. For a full list of available Attributes and Activities you can filter on check out the Glossary of Activities and Attributes

Note: Here are some great tips for using Segment Filters and Predicates!

You can add as many Filters as are relevant by clicking '+ Add Filter'.

8. Once you have set up your filters, hit 'OK'. The Explore Dashboard will update automatically to only show People who are a part of that segment. 

9. If everything looks good, hit '+ Create Segment' to save your filters as a segment. A Create Segment modal should appear.

10. Name the Segment. We recommend using a consistent naming convention when naming Segments to help keep them organized. For example "Event or industry associated with - prospect type (exhibitor, attendee, etc - (optional associated date)". Select 'Create'.

You're done! You can now access your segment in the 'Segments' section of the app.

Common Questions

Why should I create my segments from the Explore Dashboard and not from the Segment section of the app?
You do have the ability to create segments straight from the the 'Segments' section found on the left navigation pane, but we don't recommend creating them this way. Unlike the 'Segments' section, the Explore Dashboard allows you to preview what your segments will look like by allowing you to filter People. You will be able to see if the segment would have been created correctly by checking if you have an audience greater than zero. 

How can I move my segments into a folder?
All new Segments are added to the Home Folder by default. This means they're all listed individually, but you can group them together in folders to quickly find and compare them against similar Segments. You can add your segments into a folder by hitting the ellipsis next to the segment and selecting 'Change Folder'. A popup modal will appear. You can then choose an existing folder from the dropdown menu or create a new one by typing in a name, hitting enter on your keyboard, and then 'Move'.

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