Last Updated 10/2/2018.

You may have noticed that Feathr looks a little different than it used to. We've added a lot of new features and capabilities! Below is an overview of those changes and links to helpful articles on how to use them.

Super Pixel

The biggest change to Feathr is the updated Super Pixel. With the new Super Pixel you have access to advanced tracking capabilities to capture more information about your users and their activities.
Glossary of Attributes and Activities
Pixel Implementation Guide


Audiences as you knew them are gone, but your data lives on!
With the new Super Pixel and advanced tracking comes a new way to target your users. Instead of building Audiences around specific URLs, you can now filter your users into Segments based on Activities, like visiting a specific URL, and/or Attributes.
How to create new Segments
How to edit existing Segments
Common Segments Examples

Import Data

People List

Audiences are gone so email list uploads have moved. You can now upload people list data under the 'Explore' section, and it doesn't have to be just emails! You can also import other user and prospect data you own, like associated company, occupation or many others. You can then use this information to built new Segments!
How to Import a People List

Partner List

You can now upload partner list data into Feathr! Partners can be used to help bring extra exposure by allowing them to invite or refer their contacts to your event. Monetization and Invite Campaigns help to keep your Partners engaged all the way through the start of your event.
What is an Invite Campaign?
How to Import Partner Lists


In Explore, you can filter your segments to get more information about your audience before you decide how to Segment them. This gives you the chance to figure out the best Attributes and Activities to use to build your Segments.
Explore: Navigating Your People Dashboard


By popular demand, Partners are now associated within their Events for easier filtering, but they also still live in their own section of Partners. You can also upload your own Partner data directly.
How to Import a Partner List


There are now more campaign options to maximize your marketing efforts! In addition to the retargeting Ad campaigns you've already been running you can now run Facebook, Email, and Invite campaigns.


Formerly the only campaign type you were running in Feathr, Ad campaigns are the retargeting campaigns that show banner ads to your cookied users.
How to Create an Ad Campaign


Invite campaigns allow your Partners to market to their own audience, allowing you to grow your reach! Invite campaigns include invite pages, email, and banners that your Partners can share to help promote your event. 

Invite Partner Dashboard Overview


Facebook campaigns allow you to target your  Feathr segments across Facebook.
How to Flight a Facebook Campaign


Email campaigns allow you to target those who have not yet visited your site via Email Mapping. Expand your audience by targeting your email lists!
How to Target an Email List in an Ad Campaign


We now have an easy to use, drag-and-drop template builder to be used for Email and Page campaigns.
How to Create a New Template
How to Create an Email Template
How to Create a Landing Page Template
How to Create a Banner Template


You can now integrate your Feathr account with data sources -- currently Facebook is the only available integration, but check back in for more coming soon!
How to Integrate Feathr with Facebook

Common Questions: 

How will I know when new features are available?  
You will receive an email from the Feathr blog or newsletter with more information on newly released features.

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