Feathr does everything we can in terms of campaign settings and best practices to make sure your campaigns are impactful and successful. However, when targeting segments in your campaigns, it's unlikely that every person in the targeted segment(s) will see ads for a few reasons outlined below. 

Email Mapping Match Rates

When you upload an email list and target it in a campaign, it then tries to match as many email addresses in the list with existing third party cookies on the web. This isn't a guarantee that we'll be able to match every user in the email list, as some email addresses may be outdated, or the user may not have any active cookies associated with that email. This can be due to cookie blocking software, or clearing their cache. 

If you're targeting an email list in a campaign, keep in mind that it hasn't matched all the users with cookies, so it won't be able to show ads to all the users in the list, only the ones with matched cookies.

Large Segments and Small Budgets

If you're targeting a 500,000 person segment in a campaign with a small budget, the campaign needs to make the most impact in order to drive conversions. It would be less meaningful if each one of the 500,000 targeted users was shown one ad, rather than showing 10,000 of those users six ads each. The more ads one user sees, the more likely they'll be influenced by the campaign. 

If you enabled Auto Optimization while launching your campaign, it allows Feathr's algorithms to optimize your targeting and bidding to maximize performance. We always recommend enabling this option, as it will allow your campaign to make the most impact to be successful.

Active Segment Users

When you create a new Segment based on URL activity, it will pull in anyone who has ever visited that URL, based on their unique cookie. However, someone can clear their cookies and still be a member of that Segment, because their cookies aren't removed from our database. Additionally, cookies can expire after a certain amount of time, based on browser and privacy settings. This means that if you target a Segment, it may not be targeting everyone in the Segment, if the cookies have expired or been cleared. 

If someone revisits the Segment URL after it expires or they cleared their cookies, they will be added to the Segment again, but as a new cookie ID. We do everything we can to match and combine cookies in order to not have duplicates and are always improving our technology to more accurately do so.

Common Questions

How can I make sure the most users in my segments are being targeted with ads?
Whenever you target a segment in a campaign, we do the best we can to make sure everyone sees ads. However, depending on your campaign settings and budget, the number of ads a unique user sees will differ. In order to make the most out of your campaign, make sure your budget appropriately matches the number of targeted users in the campaign. The higher the targeted segment users, the higher your budget should be. See the article on Selecting the Right Campaign Settings to see more information on selecting the right budget.

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