This article will help your sales team to communicate the value of Sponsored Retargeting campaigns to your Partners, to actually close deals.

We’ll start by going over retargeting and the specific idea of Sponsored Retargeting, then we’ll go over the key information needed to sell it to Partners. And finally, we’ll talk about information and collateral your sales team will need to be successful. 

What is Retargeting

You have probably heard the phrase "retargeting," before. Even if you haven’t, you’ve definitely experienced it. Retargeting is the practice of showing a specific ad to a specific person online, based on their recent web browsing behavior.

Say you go to to look at a pair of Nike running shoes, but don't buy them. The next day you notice an ad for that exact pair of shoes in your Facebook News Feed, and in a 15 second pre-roll video ad on Youtube. 

You've just been retargeted, my friend.

Feathr uses this same technology, but built specifically for events. With Sponsored Retargeting, your Partners can buy a package from you to show their ads to the visitors of your event or publication website.

Let's say you organize an event for the cookie industry called CookieCon. You’ve got a sponsor called With Sponsored Retargeting, you can offer the opportunity to show their ads to your audience, wherever your audience members go online.

Selling Sponsored Retargeting Packages

There are three key things that your team needs to really understand in order to effectively sell sponsored retargeting:

  1. The value proposition of Sponsored Retargeting
  2. How to paint a picture of how a Sponsor could use the package
  3. How to answer common questions and objections 

We will start with the value proposition and dive a bit deeper into each of these points to give examples of what we mean.

The main value proposition of sponsored retargeting is the opportunity to get digital exposure to your valuable audience, wherever they are online.

Even if your Sponsor has already purchased a banner ad on your event site, or even an email sponsorship, they are really only getting additional exposure when users are interacting with those things. Additionally, interaction with your event websites and emails usually drops off significantly after the event. 

With Sponsored Retargeting, your Sponsors are able to get exposure to your audience, no matter which website they visit, keeping their brand and message in front of your audience anytime, anywhere.

That’s a huge value.

How a Sponsor might use Sponsored Retargeting

Although Sponsored Retargeting allows Partners to get their message in front of your audience all year, our customers have found that packaging these sponsorships as pre- and post-event packages has produced the best results.

For example, in the four months leading up to your event, your Partners could:

  1. Build general brand awareness
  2. Advertise their booth location on the show floor, or offer incentives to stop by
  3. Promote their workshop or happy hour

Likewise, in the few months after the event, your Parnters could:

  1. Send follow-up messaging about the show
  2. Nurture or generate leads
  3. Provide special offers and discounts to attendees of your event

Talking Partners through these different use cases is a great way to help them envision the value of a Sponsored Retargeting package, and how it could work for them.

Common Objections

Finally, your team will need to answer common questions and overcome common objections. 

There are too many to answer in this video, but in this article, you'll find a full list of questions, objections, and answers from our end that we’ve seen work in the sales process.

If you haven't put together any sponsored retargeting packages, yet or need to know how to get started, check out the related articles below.

Happy selling! 

Common Questions

How can I take advantage of Sponsored Retargeting? Do I have to pay for it?Sponsored Retargeting is available to any Feathr customer, however, you do have to purchase a Monetization seat to utilize it. Reach out to your Feathr Customer Success Manager or your Feathr Account Executive to learn more about this option.

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