What's a Sponsored Retargeting Package?

Retargeting is simply the process of tracking everyone who visits your site, and showing ads to them as they visit other sites online after they’ve left yours. 

Sponsored retargeting is the same thing ­– the only difference is that the ads being shown to those people that visited your site are promoting your partner instead of your event.

So, a sponsored retargeting package is a package of retargeting ads that you can sell to your Partners, so that they can reach your digital audience, year-round, anywhere on the web.

How to Create a Sponsored Retargeting Package

First, a sponsored retargeting package is sold as a group of impressions, or number of times that an ad is shown. To determine the amount of impressions to sell, you need to look at the size of the audience that you want to include in your package.

Let's say the audience you're including is your full website segment, and that the size of that audience size is 25,000 people.

Now we need to multiply the size of the audience by the rough number of ad impressions to show per person. We recommend using four to eight impressions per person - with 10 impressions being a "high exposure" package and four impressions being a "moderate exposure" package.

So if we were creating a "moderate exposure" package, we would take 25,000, multiply it by four, and get a 100,000 impressions.

This is what we are selling to partners, a package of 100,000 impressions to our full website audience.

How to Price Packages 

Digital advertising is usually priced by a rate called CPM. CPM stands for "cost per mille," which is the cost to show an ad 1000 times. We've seen companies in our industry charge in the range of $30 to $80 CPM, depending on the exclusivity and value of their segment.

It's hard to say exactly what your price should be, but we suggest choosing a number that feels slightly HIGH, and then working closely with your sales team to see if you should increase or decrease the price from there.

For this example, we'll price our package at a $50 CPM. Giving us a package of 100,000 impressions priced at $5000.

To calculate the largest package you can sell:
 [segment size] x 10 (impressions) = the largest size package to sell to Partners.
Ex: My segment size I want to target is 25,000 users, multiplied by 10 is 250,000, so a 250,000 impression package is the largest package to sell to my Partners.

Creating Packages

We've seen our most successful customers create different packages that offer different sponsor benefits – that each have their own impression counts and CPM prices. That way partners have a few different options to choose from.

There are 3 specific packages that tend to work well. They are:

  1. pre-event packages 
  2. post-event packages 
  3. year-round packages

A pre-event package shows your Partners ads one to two months before the event, and is great for helping a Partner build brand awareness, drive traffic to their booth, or promote their workshop or special event, like a happy hour.

The post-event package shows the Partners ads in the weeks after the event wraps up and is a great opportunity for the Partner to nurture or generate leads, reach the people that they didn't meet at the event, or give special offers to their targeted segment.

A year round package shows your Partners ads to your audience without the context of your event. It gives your Partners the opportunity to get exposure to your audience to stay top-of-mind, or drive sales, outside of the event cycle.

We've also seen successful customers limit the amount of each type of package they sell, creating a sense of exclusivity around each Sponsored Retargeting Package.

Common Questions

How can I take advantage of Sponsored Retargeting? Do I have to pay for it?Sponsored Retargeting is available to any Feathr customer, however, you do have to purchase a Monetization seat to utilize it. Reach out to your Feathr Customer Success Manager or your Feathr Account Executive to learn more about this option.

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