You’re probably viewing this web page because an event that you are speaking or exhibiting at soon is using Feathr to provide you with a custom co-branded landing page with an opportunity to promote your involvement with their event.

What Your Landing Page Is For

Your landing page highlights you as a premier partner of the event. Sharing it with your audience is a great way to promote yourself along with the event – and can really boost the value you get from the event by getting people from your audience to show up and engage with you there.

Curious what it looks like? Here are some examples:

Meet National and etouches.

New York Super Week and Kevin Smith (speaker).

Your custom landing page will be sent to you by your event contact (if they haven't already sent it).

You should also receive a link to your Partner dashboard, where you can customize your landing page by adding a logo and description of your company.

What To Do Next

  1. Receive your landing page and Partner dashboard links.
  2. Go to you Partner dashboard and upload your company description and logo (if it isn't already there) to customize your landing page.
  3. Share your landing page link via email or social media!

Once you've shared your landing page, you can check your Partner dashboard to see how much traffic your landing page is receiving. 

If you have any questions about how your landing page works or any technical difficulties, email your event contact, and they can reach out to us! We're glad to help.

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