When Ad Campaigns run, they incur media costs additional to the Feathr platform fee. To pay for these costs, Ad Campaigns use the Billing Configuration associated with their Event. This can happen in one of two ways, depending on how your chosen Billing Configuration is set up.

You can see what Billing Configuration you have chosen for an Event by going to the Billing Settings page for the Event.

To get to the Billing Settings for an Event:

  1. Click the Settings option in the navigation menu
  2. Click the Billing  option in the navigation submenu under Billing

How to Pay for Ad Campaign media spend as you go

To pay for Ad Campaign media spend as you go, choose a Billing Configuration with a Payment Method. Your Payment Method can be a credit card or a bank account (ACH). Your configured Payment Method will be charged at the beginning of the month for spend incurred during the previous month.

How to Pre-Pay for Ad Campaign media spend

To pre-pay for your Ad Campaign media spend, choose a Billing Configuration without a Payment Method. You will then be able to add funds to your Event which your Ad Campaigns can use for their Budget. You will have available Budget once your Invoice has been paid.

How to Create a Billing Configuration

You can create multiple billing configurations to use in different events in case you want Ad Campaigns in different Events to be paid for in different ways.
This can be done from your Account Billing Settings page.
To get to your Account Billing Settings page and add a Billing Configuration:

  1.  Click the Profile & Settings option at the bottom left corner of the sidebar navigation menu to open the popup menu, and click "Settings".
  2. Click Account in the sidebar navigation menu.
  3. Click Billing in the sidebar navigation submenu that appears.
  4. Click the Add Billing Configuration button at the top right of the page. 

Follow the steps on the New Billing Configuration page to create a new Billing Configuration.

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