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How are Conversions and ROI Calculated for Flights?

Flight Conversions are calculated similarly to Campaign Conversions, with a couple of key differences.
Similarly to Campaigns, a breadcrumb (activity) can only count as a Conversion for a Flight if it matches its configured Goal. In contrast to Campaign Conversions, Flight Conversions look at all the campaigns in the Flight to determine attribution rather than just one Campaign. In other words, a breadcrumb can be a Conversion for a Flight if it matches the Goal and the Person who made the breadcrumb also previously interacted with any of the Campaigns in the Flight.
This means you don't have to worry about Conversions and ROI being duplicated at the Flight level if you have Campaigns in the Flight that share overlapping Goals with the enclosing Flight - each Conversion is unique to the breadcrumb activity that it represents.
Flight Conversions are attributed according to several Attribution Models. If any of the Conversions in a flight were also influenced by Campaigns in another Flight with an overlapping Goal, the Flights will share the credit for the conversion.

Where can I see Conversions and ROI for my Flight?

Flight Conversions and ROI are reported on the Flight detail page. From the Events list, click on the Event that has the Flight you are interested in to navigate to that Event. In the Event page, you should see the Flights list by default. Choose the Flight you are interested in from the list. At the top of the page, just above the Goal configuration, the Conversions, Unique Conversions and ROI are listed.

You can choose what Attribution Model you want to use from the dropdown at the top of the page.

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