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How are Conversions and ROI calculated in Event Reports?

Event Conversions are an aggregation and deduplication of Campaign and Flight Conversions from the Campaigns and Flights in the Event.
When calculating Event conversions, Feathr looks at the Goals of every Flight and Campaign in the Event. For every breadcrumb (activity) that matches one of those Goals, if the Person that made the matching crumb interacted with a Campaign in the Event or in any of the Flights in the Event, the breadcrumb counts as a Conversion for the Event. 

This means you don't have to worry about Conversion and ROI numbers being inflated if you have multiple Campaigns or Flights that share overlapping Goals - each Conversion is unique to the individual activity breadcrumb that it represents.

Where Can I Find Conversions and ROI for my Event?

Conversions and ROI for your Event can be found in the Report section of the Event in the Flights app. From the Events list, click on the card for the Event you're interested in, then click on the Report link in the left hand sidebar navigation.

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