Conversions now represent individual Breadcrumbs (activities) that qualify as a Conversion, rather than People who have converted. This means that People can convert for one Goal multiple times, and each conversion activity will be captured individually. 

  • New Unique Conversions number represents the number of People who have converted for a Campaign.
  • Conversion numbers in Event reporting now represent conversions deduplicated across Campaigns in the Event that may share overlapping Goals. Conversions that appear in multiple Campaigns will only be counted once at the Event level.
  • Flight Goal configurations now collect Conversions and calculate ROI correctly.  
  • Conversions in the Flights app are attributed by several Attribution Models. and Flight, Event and Campaign reports can be configured to show Conversion and ROI numbers reflecting the Attribution Model of your choosing. 

Here is a preview of what Conversion Reporting looks like in the Legacy app. Conversions and Unique Conversions are reported at the top of the Conversion Performance table.

In Flights, Conversions are reported at the Campaign, Flight, and Event levels. You can choose which Attribution Model is applied in the Configure Report settings. Learn more about Attribution Models here.

In Flights, Conversions for all campaigns contained in the Flight are reported like this:

In Flights, conversions are deduplicated at the Event level.

In Flights, the Event Report shows a visual breakdown of Conversions by Goal

In Flights, Conversions are detailed in the Conversion table, and individual details are available in the Timeline and Details.

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