Last updated 6/18/19.

In Flights, Feathr makes it easy to create a custom Flight⏤a marketing plan supporting your organization’s high-level goal⏤by building Legs and adding campaigns to the new Flight framework. 

And sometimes a plan is so good, you want to use it again and again. 

That’s why Feathr has a new feature that allows you to save any custom Flight you’ve created as a Flight Path. Need a refresher on the difference between the two? Read this. Once saved, a custom Flight becomes a template you can re-use any time. 

Here’s how to do it.

Build a Flight

Start by building a custom Flight. If you're unsure how, start here

Here is an example Flight that we'll convert to a Flight Path:

This Flight's goal is to grow sponsorship. It looks like a good plan, and we'll probably want to repeat it next year, so let's save it as a Flight Path to use again later.

Save Your Custom Flight as a Flight Path

To begin, click on the button in the upper right that says "Make Flight Path." 

This will bring up a dialog window.

Check the box and click "OK." This brings up an additional dialog where you can name and describe your Flight Path and even upload a custom image for it.

Once you've clicked "OK" on that dialog, your custom Flight is saved as a Flight Path, and will be selectable in the Flights menu under "Add Flight." 

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