Last Updated 6/18/19.

Feathr’s newest interface update, Flights, offers an improved strategic vision of your entire digital marketing strategy. It achieves this by incorporating a “30,000-foot view” of every ad campaign that supports your high-level marketing goal. Think of Flights as a visual framework to help build and execute your marketing strategies. 

An individual Flight is a blank framework that you can customize to your specifications. A Flight Path is a pre-configured Flight that includes a recommended marketing plan for a variety of goals, such as increasing event registrations and growing association membership.

Let's take a look at both.


This is a blank, or "custom" Flight. In this view, you can add phases of your marketing strategy, called Legs. Each Leg represent a steps along your prospects’ journey through the marketing funnel. This example contains three legs that have been labeled with those steps, but no other customizations to the Flight have been made. The next step is to use the + buttons to fill in the Flight’s legs with individual campaigns that support each Leg’s sub-goals. 

When customizing a Flight, the goal, Leg, and campaign selections are entirely up to you.

When selecting a Flight Path, Feathr has done much of the work for you. Here's what that looks like.

Flight Paths

This is a Flight Path. In Feathr, you can now browse pre-configured Flights that support common goals. We call these Flight Paths. For example, this Flight Path's goal is to increase exhibitor registrations via a prescribed flow of ad campaigns. 

Flight Paths are the result of years of research and development at Feathr, analyzing thousands of events and supplying marketing plans that have succeeded for our customers. There are two primary benefits to using Flight Paths: saving time and capitalizing on the collective expertise of thousands of event and association marketers.

Feathr also allows you to save your custom Flights as Flight Paths, for repeatability in future use.

To recap: a Flight is a strategic marketing plan organized around a high-level goal and visualized within Feathr’s interface. A Flight Path is a Flight that comes pre-configured with Feathr’s recommended best practices to achieve goals that are prevalent in the events and associations industries.

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