Last Updated 6/17/19

Flights, Feathr’s latest major update, brings a new interface to the Feathr platform that improves high-level visibility for your team's digital marketing strategy. Along with that new look and feel come three new terms you need to know. Read about them here.

Flight: a strategic digital marketing plan organized around a high-level goal.

The marketing plan outlined in green is a Flight. The high-level goal in this Flight is for prospects to register for an event.

A Flight is the broadest unit represented in Feathr, encompassing a set of campaigns working together towards a comprehensive goal, such as growing membership or increasing event registrations. Flights represent a marketing funnel that can take prospects from “never heard of you” to “just bought a ticket.” Each Flight is made up of a group of Legs, which are further broken down into individual campaigns. 

Leg: a group of campaigns organized around sub-goals that contribute to a Flight’s high-level goal.

The portion of the Flight highlighted in green is a Leg. The sub-goals in this example are steps along the prospect's journey towards event registration.

Legs are the stages of a Flight. A Leg refers to a combination of individual Feathr campaigns collected around a sub-goal, such as increasing overall awareness of your organization or promoting special rates. Accomplishing those sub-goals is what moves your prospects through the marketing funnel to achieve the high-level goal you establish in a Flight.

Flight Path: a pre-configured Flight utilizing Feathr’s prescribed best practices to achieve goals common to the needs of events and associations.

Some of the Flight Paths available to select in Feathr, organized by high-level goal.

With Feathr’s new Flights interface comes Flight Paths, which are Flights that are pre-filled with campaign plans to achieve the goals most frequently found in the events and associations industry. Selecting a Flight Path is like going shopping for your organization’s high-level goals. Once you’ve selected a Flight Path, simply fill in some basic information, upload your creatives, and launch the Flight.

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