Users can choose to filter out IP addresses of individuals who they do not wish to be included in Feathr tracking (often organization employees). Additionally, IP addresses can be used as an Activity Filter to build a segment.

How to add IP addresses to your filtered list:
First, navigate to your Settings on the left-hand navigation and select IP Filtering. Enter relevant IP addresses, separated by commas, and Save. 

Once an IP address has been added to this list, the activity of people browsing from that address will no longer be saved by Feathr. This means you'll no longer see their activity in your Explore Dashboard or Segments.

Alternative method to restrict retargeting toward specific IP addresses:

If you want to exclude specific people (like everyone in your office) from seeing ads, you should create a segment of your IP addresses to then exclude as a target. List each address and choose the Any filter mode. You can then exclude that segment as a target in campaigns. 

Note, this method will still capture the activity of these people, so they will still be included in the total audience and can test registration flows.

Common Questions

Why am I seeing ads if I filtered my IP address?

If an individual was seen by the Super Pixel before their address was added to the Filtered list, they will likely still receive ads from Retargeting campaigns that target site traffic. Adding specific IP addresses to a segment is a better method to exclude those folks from ad campaigns.

How do I find my IP address?

There are a few methods to identify your IP address, but the easiest is to visit

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