Last updated 6/13/19

Feathr is excited to introduce Flights. Flights is a new way of looking at Feathr campaigns as a means to represent your organization's high-level goals, as well as the steps of the marketing funnel through which your audience moves to accomplish those goals.

In short, Flights contains all the same Feathr features you’re used to, and adds a useful way of visualizing an entire event marketing strategy from a 30,000-foot view.

Let's take a look at some new terminology.

Within Flights, a Flight is a digital marketing plan linked to a high-level organizational goal, such as increasing event registrations or growing membership. That goal is represented in the screenshot above as "Registration."

Each Flight consists of Legs, which are complementary groups of Feathr campaigns that work together toward sub-goals within the overall plan, represented above by the vertical columns labeled "Raise Awareness," "Promote Earlybird," and "Reg Abandonment."

Individual Feathr campaigns comprise the ingredients of Legs, and still work the same way they always have.

Flights offers two simple ways to get set up: you can either pick and choose the set of Legs that will best help you achieve your organization’s marketing goals, or you can select from Feathr’s pre-configured Flights, called Flight Paths.

Flight Paths

Think of Flight Paths as prescribed marketing templates intended to achieve some of the common goals of events and associations. Though individual events may be unique, the marketing path to increase registrations, for example, is similar across all kinds of events. 

Feathr has spent years analyzing the data patterns that lead to reliable, repeatable growth, and distilling them into plug-and-play templates. Using Flight Paths, you can capitalize on our hard work, allowing you to market like an expert without having to be one. 

Custom Flights

With Flights, you’re not limited to using our prescribed templates. Don’t see a Flight Path that matches your unique goal? Feathr makes it easy to build your own. Simply drag the Legs you’d like to use in the order you’d like to use them, and you can begin running campaigns right away.

Why use Flights?

Small to medium-sized teams can benefit from using Flights to save on bandwidth and lean on Feathr’s data-driven industry expertise. Strategy is always the hardest part, and Feathr has done that work for you. Using our plug-and-play Flight Paths frees up smaller teams to tackle their many other challenges.

Enterprise-sized organizations can benefit from using Flights to establish consistent marketing plans across multiple teams and multiple events. Flights centralizes both the viewpoint and the strategy of digital marketing for events, allowing managers to distribute consistent plans to multiple divisions and maintain a single dashboard to watch their campaigns perform.

Teams of any size can then multiply their most successful Flight and apply it to any marketing effort. Flights is repeatable, scalable, and centralized.

Common Questions

When can I begin using Flights?
Today! Existing Feathr users can switch into Flights by selecting Want to try the new Feathr? in the top right corner of the app.

How can I learn more about Flights?
We will be sending product updates to customers via email, hosting several webinars, and adding help content to highlight features and new functions.

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