Last Updated: 6/4/19

This article describes a new process that enables you to build Segments within the Campaign Wizard. For a more detailed article on how to build specific segments within your Explore tab, please see this article: How to Create New Segments.

You can still use your previously created and saved Segments in the same way you're used to, but there is now an additional option to build Segments right in the Campaign Wizard. 

How to Build a new Segment in The Target Section of a Campaign

While launching a campaign, in the Target section of the Wizard, the +Add Targeting button will now allow you to configure a new Segment. Select 'New Segment' to build a new Segment to be used directly in this campaign. You do not need to have any Segments previously built to choose this option.

After selecting New Segment, choose the date and audience filters you'd like your segment to reflect. Once you have designed your segment, click Ok. You can Include or Exclude this segment by checking (or un-checking) the Included box in the Options dropdown menu.

Additionally, you will now see an estimated number of Reachable People, and you can also view a summary of the filters used to create the segment by clicking the 'Options' button.

Please Note:
Any Segments built within the campaign will NOT be added to your saved Segment list. Segments built in this way are intended to be specific only to the campaign you are creating.

Common Questions

Do Segments created within the Campaign Wizard have different options than segments created in the Explore tab?

No, the Segment creation process is the same either way. The only difference is that segments created within the Campaign Wizard will not appear in the Segments tab to be used again later.

Does "Reachable People" mean the same thing as "Cookies?"
Yes. Cookies expire periodically, so while the total number of people in your segment will grow over time, not all of them will always be "reachable/targetable" if their cookies have expired due to inactivity.

Can I browse the People Data in Segments created within the Campaign Wizard?
No, since these Segments do not appear in your Segments tab. You can, however, review the filters you've applied by clicking the Options button and selecting 'Show Filters.'

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