What is Feathr Canary?

Canary is a Chrome extension to ease the process of troubleshooting Feathr Super Pixel implementations. It's your "canary in the coal mine", letting you know if you're collecting data from your websites and other web properties the way you're expecting.

How To Download Canary

Visit the Chrome Web Store to download the Feathr Canary. The Canary is searchable and can be found directly at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/feathr-canary/ginkedncioeklbedknoffjgcekmcjgem

How To Use Canary

When you have successfully downloaded the browser extension, you will see a small blue feather in your browser bar.

First, navigate to a website where you have installed your Feathr Super Pixel, and then click the extension button at the top right of your browser. Click the button that says "Refresh and Scan for Super Pixel Activity". The page will refresh and Canary will start scanning for super pixel activity from the moment the page loads. Canary will scan the page for Feathr Super Pixel activity and show you what it finds. If the pixel is working, you'll get a green check and a confirmation message, along with some information about the tracked activity.

Canary will continue scanning for activity, until you open the extension and click the "Stop Scanning" button.

Canary will also show you what custom data fields you're tracking, as well as profile updates, if you are a Feathr ID (formerly CRM) user.

Common Questions

Can I use Canary if I use a browser other than Chrome?
Currently, the Canary browser extension is only available for Chrome users.

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