Billing details are set at the Event level in Feathr. Visit your event's Billing Settings page to manage your payment method and establish a Billing Contact for all campaigns under that Event.

Adding a Payment Method

The easiest way to manage paying for your event's campaign media spend is to add a credit card or bank account details to your account. Each period (currently monthly) we will charge for only the spend that has accrued for the previous period. 

Adding Funds

You can also choose to receive an invoice immediately to pre-load funds at the Event level. The funds will be available to spend only after the invoice has been paid. You can transfer unspent funds to other Events if necessary. 

Visit our page here on payment method options.

Feathr Billing Vocabulary


All Ad campaigns have a budget, which represents the target goal spend of that campaign. An event's budget represents how much money you have budgeted to spend on campaigns under your event.


If you pre-load your event with funds, your event will have a balance equal to the amount of money you pre-loaded. Once your campaigns start spending, your balance will decrease.


As an Ad Campaign serves ads to people, it will accrue spend. An Event's spend is the sum of all ad campaign spend under an event.

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