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Everything you know and love about the Partner Dashboard, plus more customization options and a streamlined design!

The Invites Module has a new Partner Dashboard that includes everything your Partners need to share their Invite Pages, Emails, and Banners. You can opt-in to the new Partner Dashboard today. Here we'll review each aspect of the Dashboard, how to make edits, and how to share it. 

What is the Partner Dashboard?

The Partner Dashboard is an optional tool you can share with your Partners that allows them to upload or update their information, send Email Invites, share Invite pages, and share Banners. These are all optional Invite Campaigns you can choose to give your Partners access to. 

How to Opt-in to the New Partner Dashboard

To turn on the new Partner Dashboard, first navigate into your event. Then, click the settings gear in the top right corner. Select the Partner Dashboard settings tile. Check the New Partner Dashboard box, and click Save Changes in the top right corner.

Here is where you can also customize how you would like the dashboard to appear to your Partners. You can customize editable Partner fields, the image that appears at the top of the dashboard, and the "Welcome" text. This allows you to brand the dashboard to match your event! 

How to Access an Invite Partner Dashboard

In order to use the Invite Partner Dashboards, you must have event Partners and be using Invite Campaigns. Here's are articles on How to Create Partners, and How to Create an Invite Campaign.

Once you've got those set up, you can find your Partners' Dashboard. 

1. Go to the 'Events' in the left side panel, and click on your Event.

2. Click on the 'Partners' tab of your Event.

3. Find your Partner, and click on the ellipsis in the bottom right corner of the Partner.

4. Click on 'Copy Dashboard Link' from the drop down.

5. Open a new Browser tab and paste the copied link to be taken to your Partner's Invite Dashboard link.

Note: You can send out Partner Dashboard Links using the Message Partners tool. More information can be found here: How to Send Partners their Dashboard Link

What is on the Invite Dashboard?

There is a lot of new information on the Partner Dashboard, so it can be overwhelming. It's important to understand how it works so you can clearly communicate how to use it to your Partners. Once they understand it, they're more likely to use it correctly and share their participation in your Event.

1. Basic Partner Information

  • Upload Logo: the Partner can upload their logo or headshot photo by clicking "Upload Logo" and selecting their logo/photo from the file picker. This logo/photo may appear on their Invite Page, in the Email(s), or on their Banner.  We recommend that logos are no larger than 300px wide or tall to prevent them from appearing oversized when they're being populated into templates.
  • Partner Name:  the Partner can edit their name, which may appear on their Invite Page, in the Email(s), or on their Banner.
  • Email Address: this is who the Partner Dashboard and Invite Page links are sent to. More than one email address can be added if separated by a comma.
  • Website: the Partner can add or edit their website, which may appear on their Invite Page, in the Email(s), or on their Banner.
  • Description: the Partner can edit their brief description or session information which may appear on their Invite Page, in the Email(s), or on their Banner. 
  • Partner Custom Fields: Partner Custom fields that were previously chosen to become editable from the dashboard will also appear. Learn how to create Editable Partner Fields here.
  • Lead Notifications: the Partner has the option to choose whether they would like to be emailed when a new Lead is created by checking the box. 

2. Invite Landing Pages

Invite Landing Pages templates created by the event organizer that pull in each Partner's unique information. They are permanent micro-sites that show off a Partner's presence at the event and invite the Partner's prospects to register. The links can be shared via social media, in newsletters, or in emails by clicking the 'Share' button or by copying and pasting the link from their clipboard into a new tab in their browsers.

3. Email Invites

Email invites are templates designed by the event organizer for Partners to use to invite anyone they'd like to the event. The Partner can either use the email tool to send the message or they can export the message and send it using any email tool that supports custom email templates. 

To use the email tool, Partners will need to upload a contact list. Contact lists are groups of people that Partners can send their email invites to. The Partner can import multiple list of customers, colleagues, etc., and send them an email invitation in the next step. Contact lists should have only have two columns: Name and Email. 

Note: Partners also have access their previous messages by clicking the drop down arrow and hitting 'See Send History'. 

4. Invite Banners

Invite Banners are dynamic digital banners designed by the event organizer that Partners can place on their websites and in their newsletters to invite people to the show.

5. Leads

The Partner is able to keep track of any Leads that they generated by participating in your campaign. Leads are created when a person, that Feathr has contact information for, does something substantial like filling out a form or clicking on a banner using the Partner's Invite Material. Partners have the ability to export the list as a spreadsheet or PDF. 

Note: A person will not appear as a lead if they are labeled as 'anonymous'.

Invite Partner Dashboard Review 

The Invite Partner Dashboard includes a variety of options that Partners can use to promote their attendance and participation in your Event. By sending Partners their Invite Dashboards, they have access to upload/update their own information, and share their Invite Pages, Emails, and Banners with their prospects.

Common Questions

Why should I use the Invite Partner Dashboard?
Sharing the Invite Dashboard with your Partners allows them to promote themselves while also promoting your Event, and ultimately generating more registrations for you. While creating the templates in the beginning can be time consuming, once that's done and you share their Dashboards with your (potentially) hundreds or thousands of Partners, they are doing the rest of the work for you. 

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