Last Updated 10/12/18.

Do you want to narrow down your Campaign Targetings to include People from a specific geographical location? Geo Filtering is a straightforward method of retargeting People in the places where they browse the web.

Setting up your Geo Filter:

To Geo Filter a Campaign:

  • Navigate to the Campaign you want to apply the filter to and click on 'Edit Campaign' in the top right corner of the page. 
  • Click on the 'Target' tab at the top. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the tab and click the blue button titled '+Add Filter'. A blank 'Geo Filter' field will appear. 
  • Input the name of the city, state or country you want to target, and a list of possible matches will appear. Find the correct entry in the list, and click that entry to set the Geo Filter to that location.

Excluding a Location from Your Campaign:

To exclude a Geo Filtered location from your Campaign: click on the 'Options' drop down to the right of the Geo Filter field and un-check 'Included'. This changes the status of your Geo Filter to 'Excluded' and prevents any ads from being served to people in that location.

If you would like to remove a Geo Filtered location, click the small 'x' to the right of the Geo Filter field.

Common Questions:

Why am I seeing People visit from a location, even though I have excluded it?
Feathr identifies users by their last known IP address, which may be identified outside the Geo Filter location. If a user moves to an excluded location like Europe, their cookie may still be associated with the old location until it is updated.

How is Geo Filtering different from Geofencing?
Although they accomplish a similar goal, Geo Filtering and Geofencing are distinct in several ways. First, Geo Filtering is a filter applied to a Campaign Target, while Geofencing allows you to target people in a specific area during a specific time, even if they haven’t visited your website before. Second, Geofencing campaigns are only able to target mobile devices, and Geo Filters are able to target all device types.

For example:
Geofence Campaign: “I want to target everyone that’s in a specific Hotel in downtown Chicago next week.”
Geo Filter: “I want to target everyone that’s been to my site, but only if they’re located in Chicago.”

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