Last Updated 10/9/2018.

Campaign Goals are how you let Feathr know what this campaign's goal is, and how to measure its success. 

Your Campaign Goal should be the desired action your campaign is driving. For example, if your campaign's Primary Purpose is attendee acquisition, then your goal is for your target Segments to register for your event. So, your Campaign Goal is your registered attendee Segment. 

You do not have to create a segment prior to creating a goal for a campaign. Feathr makes it easy for you by allowing you to choose between four different goal types. Read on to learn more about creating and adding specific goals to your Ad Campaigns. 

Creating a Goal

To add your Goal: 

  • Create a new Ad Campaign or edit an existing one. For more information on how to add a campaign, click here
  • Navigate to the 'Goals' tab. Click '+ Add Goal.'

There are four goal types that will help guide you to create a good campaign goal:

1. Click an ad from this campaign: the easiest of all goals! A conversion will be counted for anyone that clicks an ad shown from this campaign.

2. To Fill out a Feathr Form on a Website: A conversion will be counted for anyone that fills out a form on a specific Feathr landing or invite page.

3. Visit a Website: A conversion will be counted for anyone that visits a selected web page. You can select an exact URL, URL pattern with a wildcard(*), or a URL that starts with the link. 

4.  Enter a Segment: A conversion will be counted for anyone that enters an already created Segment. If you have created a segment in the 'Segments' section of the app, you will be able to choose it from the dropdown menu. 

For more information on how to build a Goal Segment, check out our 'Determining a Campaign Goal' article. 

  • Set a Value. The value you set is used to calculate your estimated campaign ROI. It can be the price an attendee is paying to attend your show, the average cost to exhibit, or the value you attribute to attendees of your free-to-attend event. 
  • Click on the 'Exposure' button to continue setting up your campaign.

Common Questions

Help! I have set my Goal Segment incorrectly and my campaign has already started running. Can you rerun my campaign to show the correct number or conversions?
Unfortunately, if your Goal Segment has been set incorrectly, we cannot rerun your campaign to reflect the new changes or retroactively count your conversions. Your campaign will begin to count the conversions associated with the new Goal Segment from the time you made those changes. We recommend reading Determining a Campaign Goal or contacting your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you have any questions setting up your Goal Segment before flighting your campaign. 

Can I set multiple Goals for a campaign?
Yes! You can set multiple goals for a campaign. This is especially useful when you have different registration types for your event.

Do I have to set a Goal Segment to run my campaign?
No, you can leave the Goal Segment portion blank, however, you will not be able to track conversions or see your calculated ROI. 

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