Last Updated 10/1/18.

Gone is the way of "Anonymous" users! Feathr now generates placeholder names for People we don't have a name for yet. This is useful because it allows you to recognize and reference people coming to your site or seeing your ads repeatedly before you know who they are exactly.

Are all the names in the Explore Dashboard real? Who is "Chartreuse Parakeet"?

The placeholder names are made from a random combination of a color and a bird species name. "Teal Eagle" or "Coral Crow", for example. You can identify real names in your database because they will be displayed in Bold Text, whereas placeholder names use a regular typeface. Once we have a real name, the placeholder name will not be shown anymore and the Person will be known by their real name from that point on.

Common Questions

Why does it mean when an icon is surrounded by a green circle?
Icons with a green circle indicate that the person has been active within the last 30 minutes. Icons that are surrounded by a gray circle have not been active within the last 30 minutes. 

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