Last Updated 2/26/2019.

When creating a page in Feathr, whether it be a Invite or Landing Page, the domain will default to  creating a disconnect for your audience from your Event's website. Creating custom domains in Feathr allows you to serve your Invite and Landing Pages from your domain as an extension of your site.
Note: Your IT team can help you set up the DNS configuration that completes this process.

Creating Your Domain

Creating your Custom Domain in Feathr is easy! Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Navigate to your 'User Settings' and click 'Custom Domains'.

2. The Custom Domains section of your Settings will list out any custom domains that you have previously created. To create a new domain click '+ Create New Domain'.

3. The Domain modal will ask for the domain that you wish to host your Feathr pages from. If your domain already hosts a website, you will need to add a subdomain to prevent any pages from overriding your site. For example, instead of using, your custom domain could be Hit 'Submit' when you're done.

4. Once you've created a domain, ask your IT team to create a CNAME record in your domain hosting solution. The record has two parts, a Domain and a Value. The Domain is what you chose as your custom domain, ie, and the value is always . This is a super easy process that your IT department should be able to finish in minutes! 

5. You will notice a Timer Clock icon next to your domain. The clock indicates that your domain is not yet ready to be used. Once the CNAME is placed the clock icon will update to a green lock. Your Custom Domain is now ready to use! 

Using Your Custom Domain

Once you have a domain configured (even if it's not verified yet), you can use it for new and existing landing pages. When editing an Event, you can choose from your existing domains, or use the default  if you don't have one. All new Invite/Landing pages under this event will use the configured domain. 

All new Invite/Landing pages under this event will use the configured domain. 

Common Questions

Are my pages secured?
Yes, all landing pages are HTTPS secured by default even if your domain is not. 

Can I change my Custom Domain after a Landing/Invite Page has been created?
Yes! You can update your pages' Custom Domain at any time. If you update your Event's custom domain, you will need to re-save your Landing Page templates and your Invite Campaigns to re-render your the new URLs. 

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