Last Updated 8/28/18. 

Landing Pages are a great way to market your event by using them as an effective Destination URL. Landing Pages allow a person who clicks on your ads to be taken to a detailed event-specific page instead of your main site. 

Feathr makes it easy - Read on to learn how to create your first Landing Page!

Creating Your Page

1. Under your Event, you will see a tab for 'Pages'. Click into it to get started!

2. To create your first Landing Page, click the 'New Page' button near the top of the view.

3. You will be presented a form with a few things you need to configure to create your Landing Page. 

  • Template: This is the template this page will start out with. We will create a copy of the template you select so you can edit it later and not affect anything but your Landing Page.
  • Landing Page Name: Give your landing page a name to remember it by. This name will only show up in the application.
  • Landing Page URL: Configure what page you'd like to see this Landing Page on. This can be changed at any time, and must be unique to the root domain it is hosted on. Want to use your own domain? Check out our article on creating custom domains!

4. After you fill out this information, click on the 'Select' button. Your Landing Page will immediately be available to view and edit. Learn how to use the Template editor here

 Note: Feathr will track both views and clicks for your Pages. 

Common Questions

Can I change my custom domain after a Landing Page has been created?
Yes! You can update your Page's custom domain at any time. If you update your Event's custom domain, you will need to resave your template to re-render your Pages new URL. Check out our Custom Domain article to learn how to create or edit a domain. 

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