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Geofence campaigns
are a great way to reach and target a highly relevant audience by allowing you to show ads to those who have entered a certain geographical boundary. Geofencing is often used to target prospects during a competitor event.

Note: Since our third-party partner can take 3 business days to build a Geofence audience, campaigns must be launched in Feathr at least 5 days before the campaign start date. This will ensure your targeted audience has enough time to build and successfully target your desired location.

Creating a Geofence Campaign

The Campaign Wizard

This article does not go into the details of creating an Ad Campaign. For a step-by-step guide to creating a campaign, click here. 

1. Find and select your Event from the 'Events' section found on the left navigation pane. 

2. Enter the 'Ad' tab and click '+ Create New Campaign'. Select 'Geofencing' from the dropdown menu to create a segment targeting campaign.


  • Campaign Start & End Date: If you are targeting a competitor's event, your start and end date should be the dates of the event UTC. For example, if the event is from 8/28 - 8/30, your campaign should be set up to run from 8/28-8/31.
  • Note: Since our third-party partner can take 1-3 business days to build a Geofence audience, campaigns must be launched in Feathr at least 5 days before the campaign start date. You will be unable to select a start date fewer than 5 days away in the campaign wizard.


Provide the name of the location you would like to target and its full address. For example, the Target's Location Name could be "The National Mall" while the corresponding Target's Address would be "900 Ohio Drive SW, Washington, DC 20024, USA". A Geofence audience is created from this information to target people in the area. 

Note: If you want to target multiple addresses in the same campaign, you can add up to 5 addresses, separated by a comma or a period. Just make sure the locations are clearly separated!

Special Case for Many Targets

If you would like to target more than 5 locations, the locations must be provided in a spreadsheet containing only two columns: longitude and latitude coordinates of the locations you want to target.

Send this spreadsheet to [email protected] with the name of the campaign referenced. They will reach out to confirm that they have created the geofenced audience. The most successful geofence campaigns target areas with large audiences, like university campuses or convention centers during events over several days.

Disclaimer: Most locations can be found in the system, however it is not a guarantee. Although this is uncommon, we will do our best to find the closest available location. 


When it comes to Geofence campaigns, Goals are not a requirement, although they can be added.

It is important to keep in mind that Geofence campaigns are prospecting campaigns and shouldn't measure registrations. Brand awareness, growth, and website tracking should be your main Goal. You can read more on Goals here.


The exposure settings for Geofence campaigns are no different than Retargeting campaigns. However, a common question may be: how much should I budget? We generally recommend a budget of $100-250, but that can easily change based on the size of the show you wish to target. Therefore, it is best that you research the event's average audience size before deciding on a budget for your campaign. 


Remember, your campaign will only be targeting mobile devices and tablets that are in the geofenced location during the campaign, so it is important that your Geofence creatives are mobile sized only! For a list of Feathr-supported creative specs, click here.  

We recommend uploading more than a few creatives to increase the chance of a successful campaign. The more the merrier!


Review your campaign and then hit 'Finish'! Your campaign will start running as scheduled. Impressions, clicks, conversions, and spend will be reported straight in the app! 

Common Questions

Can I retarget my Geofence campaign's audience in a Retargeting Campaign?
Yes! As long as a person has been cookied by Feathr, you will be able to create a segment and target them in a Retargeting campaign. You can create a segment based on your geofence campaign by filtering through (1) the campaign name or (2) the destination URL you chose for your campaign. Keep in mind that your geofence audience was cookied on a mobile device, and they will appear as a new Person when they visit on a new device.

What size creatives should I use for a Geofence campaign?
Because geofence campaigns target people on their mobile devices and tablets, you should only use creatives that will appear on those size devices! It's okay if you include more sizes than these, but they probably just won't get any impressions and clicks. The best Geofence creative sizes are 320x100px, 320x50px, 728x90px, and 300x250px.

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