Last Updated 7/9/2018.

The Activity Stream has very similar functions to the Explore Activity Dashboard, with one large exception -- real-time updates. Read on to learn how to use the Activity Stream to view the People who have interacted with your Super Pixel. 

Navigating to the Activity Stream

1. Navigate to the 'Explore' section of the left navigation pane.

2. Click on the 'Activity' dropdown and select 'Stream'.

The Activity Stream

The Activity Stream gives you real-time updates of People who have interacted with your Super Pixel in one way or another. 

Play/Pause Stream

You can pause the stream using the play/pause icons located on the top left corner of the Activity Stream. Pausing the stream will hold it in its place until you press the Play icon. 

Person Details

One of the similarities the stream has to the Explore Dashboard is the ability to view the Activity Details of a specific person. Clicking into a Person's name will redirect you to the their own Activity Details page. 

The Activity Details page includes any basic information that was either imported by you or that the Super Pixel has picked up.  It also allows you to reference a Person's activity life cycle by showing you a list of all the breadcrumbs associated with them, including the details of each breadcrumb.

The basic information of all Persons is editable. This allows you to quickly edit any Person added to Feathr if you need to make updates. 

Activity Details

If you would like to view more details about a particular action, click on the associated 'Details' button. 

The Activity Details includes the following information on how the Person completed the activity and what led them there:

  • Device: The type of device used to complete the action (e.g. desktop, mobile)
  • Platform: The type of platform used (e.g. Windows, OSX) to complete the action
  • Browser: The type of browser used (e.g. Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer) to complete the action
  • Source URL: The URL where the action was performed
  • Referrer URL: The URL of the page that brought the Person to the Source URL
  • Creative: The creative that the Person interacted with, if applicable
  • Event: The Event associated with the creative, if applicable
  • Partner: The Partner Campaign the Person interacted with, if applicable

Associated People
The 'Associated People' tab will try to link two users that Feathr believes are the same based on any overlaps in browsing behavior as well as identifying information such as email addresses or external ids.

Currently, we are unable to deduplicate and clean the data, however, we do hope to add that functionality in the future. 

Common Questions

Can I change my headers in the Activity Stream?
Yes!  You can edit the header column names that you see in the Activity Stream by clicking "Columns" above the Segment Name in the Explore Section. Choose the header names that are most important for you to see when filtering your data. Once you have chosen your headers, your changes will reflect in the Activity Stream

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